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    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Thanks a lot :) However that wasnt the video i was looking for. Though we do get a glimpse of unikitty in berserk mode :D Im pretty sure the video i saw was unikitty in the back to the future level. But thanks for the efford :) Im also still wondering if the TARDIS will have some special ability like being able to cross worlds and levels without having to go to the vorton world.
  2. KlodsBrik

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    LEGO Dimensions wont be released till the 2nd of October in my country. I so hope there is double VIP points here also. Cause it seems i will be spending a lot of cash on this game Anyone has any images og unikitty ingame ( angrykitty ) ?... I cant seem to find the vid again and i so want a picture of her ! So being new here, im just being ignored ? .. Got it :D ... Nice to meet you too. :P Anyhow, the forum is lovely. Lots of MOCS and builds all over !
  3. KlodsBrik

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I will start by saying hi all. I will be here forever im thinking. I LOOVE bricks, and it seems that LEGO Dimensions will be the next theme to empty my wallet and bank account. Anyhow. Ive been watching the Back To The Future level pack gameplay ( In french though, horrible when one doesnt understand the language ), but i was wondering, since it has the ability to fly back in time ( i know its for the game level only, i guess). Anyone has any ideas on how the TARDIS will work ? ... Do you think it will have the ability to cross to whatever level, if one owns a character from that theme i guess. So we wouldnt have to go to the "portal level" or what its called ? I hope it make sense :) Also Gauntlet will be one of the Arcades in that levelpack. I simply loved Gauntlet as a kid On a sidenote anyone seen unikitty ingame, hillarious