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  1. Thank´s. Today an Lambda Class - Imperial shuttle: It´s a liitle big bigger than the scale im trying to keep with all these micro builds, but im sort of glad with it. Comments and criticism appreciated as always. KlodsBrik.
  2. KlodsBrik

    [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    Now, Im not much of a Star Wars expert, but from what I observe, the model looks quite good. Personally I cant see what could be changed with it. Offcourse higher res pictures and more of them would help. Looking forward to those !
  3. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] batcave for the micro-batman !

    Gorgeous .... This batcave is small, but full of lovely details.
  4. KlodsBrik

    Corbellini passengers coach - moc

    Neat. Look´s very good indeed ! Fantastic color scheme. I like the idea of leaving a few of the windows open in the passenger train.
  5. Thanks a lot both of you. The more I look at it myself, thinking of what could be changed with it, im getting more and more pleased with the result myself.
  6. KlodsBrik

    Steampunk - bulb-spider

    This is crazyly good looking. Totally steam punk and overall great part usage. I simply love it !
  7. I thought the same. So at first I remade the wings to be 4 studs width. But due to the scale they just became to wide. So this actually look´s more correct. Unfortunately I didn´t take pictures of the 4 stud wing model to show. And thanks for the feedback.
  8. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer

    Haha ... I was honestly about to post that these LDD designer tool´s are beginning to cheat me and make it look sooo much like LEGO that I can´t tell the difference. Glad to hear I wasn´t wrong on my first observations. Youré welcome. I always appreciate giving feedback as well as getting it myself. One get´s what he/she gives right.
  9. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer

    Look´s totally awesome jaw dropping. Presentation is offcourse everything, but your pictures is still beyond what I can do. And they work ! Cant wait to se what else you have up your sleeve ! This is gorgeous ! KlodsBrik.
  10. KlodsBrik

    [UCS] U-Wing Rebel Transport

    Look´s exactly on scale to me. Beyond that, awesome work Ellisss_2. I love the picture with the wings spread out ! Edit: Should this be my next micro build ... Hmmmm .. Possible !
  11. KlodsBrik

    Lego 2017 summer sets

    I hope they change the artwork on the Advent calendar , as to me, It look´s very ugly. Otherwise im pretty excited to se these set´s up for real, and what pieces they hold. The jungle sets seems to have a lot of interesting pieces. Indeed the animal molds, but also ordinary bricks. Im excited, I hope Im not going to get dissapointed next week at LEGO World Copenhagen. They usually have the summer wave on display their. ( And I will take pictures as always when I go there )
  12. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] LEGO Carrot Cake

    Now im hungry for cake !
  13. KlodsBrik

    Post your Star Wars Uglies here!

    LOL ... Funny you made this topic. I really thought of something just similar as I posted my Zeta class transporte in my Micro scale thread just a few minutes ago. Cause I also made this that definately had to go back into the bin !! But gave some ideas for my next try. This thread have so much potential for being so much fun. Great idea !!
  14. Yet another tablescrap. This is so much fun. Really relaxing making these. Today I made an Zeta Class - Transport shuttle: Now, im not to satisfied with the wings. They seem to small for the scale ( working with a scale at 1 stud´s hight, equals 9 feet or 3 meters ). I would love them to be 8 stud high wing pieces, but I didn´t have the four that I needed. So they entered my list for whenever Im gonna make my next bricklink order, and these are gonna stay on till then. Otherwise Im pretty happy with the result at this scale. Started on making some sort of diorama for all the forces: Made a few more X-Wing´s. Also a few tie fighters, though Im not that happy with those. However at this scale It´s quite hard to make them look like the real deal. At some point in the future I will decide what to keep and change offcourse. But for now they both survive till I figure better out which part´s will fit better. So, time to decide what to build next .... So much to choose from ! Please leave comments, positive or negative. If you have ideas for what I could change with my builds, would be much appreciated. KlodsBrik.
  15. KlodsBrik

    Yoda Yoga (Animated GIF)

    OMG ! Hahaha. What are you smokin ? .... Can I have some ?
  16. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    I love this ! Such a beuty, and seem´s to be extremely well built !!! KlodsBrik.
  17. Thanks ! Im guessing this is one lipstick, Imperial forces don´t want to get to close to their lips.
  18. KlodsBrik

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    I last few days, browsing through my LEGO, I have begun collecting all my Star Wars minifigs. Still have a long way to go, as Im pretty n00b for the love of Star Wars. That changed after having watched The Force Awakens. But also, this have resulted in, that all my Star *Wars minifigs have been taken apart over the years. Still have a lot of mising torsoes, pieces and accesories. But this is a beginning: Imperial forces so far: Alliance forces so far: God there are so many pieces I have no clue where and what they belong to. I will have a lot of "fun" bricklincking them when Ive been through the last 3 bins of mixed pieces, figuring out where what belongs to, and which head, hair and accesory belongs to what. not to mention which pieces im missing .
  19. KlodsBrik

    Episode XIV: Before the Storm

    Yeah, I was very careful this time reading the post´s. I was honestly worried about my laptop when I spitted coffee all over it. I wasnt a small amount. Lycky for me it survived. Unfortunately still only considering joining, as a lot of work had come to me recently. And I haven´t even had time to finish my Matrix build for my cube layout project, even though Im so close to finishing it. But it´s so tempting to join in. I really want to have a go with building Star Wars now. I know Im often working with lot´s of project´s at a time. That dont worry me. I fortunately still have lot´s of brick´s to work with. Im worried about time, and of joing in not being able to deliver. That would make an even bigger deserter rebel scum EDIT: On a second note. Felt like I could just as well ask in here. Where can I find an encyclopedia of Star Wars vessels on the internet with size comparison ? Ive noticed that a lot of you are building from "technical drawings" , I just can´t seem to find any. Mail me please if you wont post in here, as it´s sort of offtopic
  20. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Doctor Who: The Doctor and the TARDIS

    It´s due to the way they resist, and defend themselve. Whenever someone look´s at them, they turn into stone. If you are their target, they will approach you everytime you look away, or blink. Hope it make´s more sense now :P
  21. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Doctor Who: The Doctor and the TARDIS

    Lot´s of great scenes from my favorite TV show here. Even more awesome custom stickers. You have done a great job indeed catching so many of the character´s from Doctor Who. KlodsBrik.
  22. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    This model is just insanely well done. Awesome awesome awesome !
  23. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Harbinger class stardestroyer

    Looks awesome, althoug the first picture to me, doesn´t show the MOC´s potential. The second last picture however does show exactly what this is. Plain, simple, candy with studs on top !
  24. KlodsBrik

    NEXO Death star.

    Im not at all sure what youré talking about ? My guess is It´s not ? Sorry man, I thought my english were good, but I need some explanation.