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    Review - 60052 Cargo Train

    Review - 60052 Cargo Train Lately I've been watching the "Train Tech forum" here on Eurobrick's after I came across the "weirdest/silliest train MOC's or ideas" post in the forum. Since then Iv'e been haunted by the idea of making a TARDIS train, and a CMF series 14 hotdog guy train MOC. To get started, I offcourse had to get the basic stuff needed to make a fully functioning locomotive. I came across the 60052 Cargo train with a 25% discount and found that this would have what I needed to make these MOC's a reality. To begin with i didn't have high expectations from the set itself, as the different builds look blend compared to all the MOC's Iv'e seen in the train forum. It was "just" one of those set's one get to expand ones brick collection with useful parts. Lets se if the set changes my mind during the build. As i couldn't find a review of it here on Eurobricks, I decided to make a review as well. Now, im all new with trains, so please comment on all my mistakes and errors, as the terminology is new to me. Here we go! An overview of the locomotive and all the wagons included in the Cargo Train set. Year: 2014 Theme: City Set name: Cargo Train Set number: 60052 Pieces: 888 Minifigures: 4 Stickers: 39 on one sheet price: 199.99,- US$ / 1699,- DKr LEGO Wikia Brickset LEGOShop LEGO Shop wrote: Front of the Box: Click for larger image. The box is huge for a set containing only 888 pieces. The boxart makes it look very promising with lot's of stuff going on everywhere. The usual minifig representation in one of the lower corners that's almost always present, have been scrapped, and instead wer'e showen that the box contain's the LEGO powerfunction speed controller and all the different tracks included in the set. There is also an overview of the track layout you can put together with all the track pieces included in the set, and it's measurement. Box size comparison: Before moving on to the back of the box I'd like to do a comparison with other sets,that most people are familiar with ( im guessing). A box this size containing "only" 888 pieces might sound like overkill. Here's the Tower of Orthanc (10237 - 2359 pieces), and The Millennium Falcon (7965 - 1254 pieces) lined up together with the Cargo train box. Tower of Orthanc being the same size. The Millinium falcom is somewhat smaller. Back of the Box: Click for larger image. The back of the box shows all kind of different scenarioes. It also reveals that the box will contain 8 bags og LEGO, and the rest of the power function part's included. Also, it presents you with possible set's one might want to get, to expand and upgrade one's train layout, this being the train sets: 60051, 60050 and track set's 7895 and 7499. For a box of this size containing "only" 888 pieces seem's redicioulus, and the box doesn't even weight that much, but opening the box reveales that it's stuffed. And it really is! ( I hadn't expected this as Iv'e read another review. That person claimed that their was lots of extra space in his box. It must have been really compressed, because I had problems packing all the bags, boxes, tracks and the manual pack back into the box after I had first gotten it all out. But here look look look ! The content: Yes, first of all 8 bag's of LEGO for the building instructions. These bags might not look like much, but seriously. Each one of them are barely the size of a baseplate. I first tried to fit everything from the box in my light room. But gave up. It wasn't possible without making it look like a mess. So the box content will take up some four images. More content: Here´s another bag with additional tracks, and parts for the Cargo train station. Also two other boxes and additional tracks. Still doesn't look like much. Lets open the boxes to get more LEGO revealed. They are stuffed ! Opening the boxes: Opening the boxes reveals all the baseplates for the trains as well as wagons, and the baseplates for the Cargo train station as well. The big white box also contains 20 corner tracks, and the brown box holds all the power function parts. 888 part's might not sound like a lot but considering how many big part's this set holds, im already convinced by its value ! This made me extremely excited indeed. It's really overwhelming trying to fit all these parts around ones "work space". (Note: I didn't discover that i had left the Power function battery pack in the box until during the build as it was well hidden. Well, it's sort of visible in the picture however). Bag containing building instructions and sticker sheet: Last of all, the bag containing all the building instruction booklet's (6 books. Yes, there is 6 building instructions included ) , and the sticker sheet. Time to start building ! Everything needed to build the first instruction booklet's content: The pieces in bag 1: Click for larger image. So this will build the Cargo truck. From the boxart, I wasn't to excited about it. Lots of pieces that will come in handy for other builds however. Cargo truck finished: Afterall it was a fun build and it's looking more fantastic and smooth than from the boxart I think. Also the weight and feel of it is marvelous. Im once again surprised by this set already, as this truck is really awesome! Everything needed to build the second instruction booklet's content: So all this will let one build the Cargo Train locomotive. Beside's bag 2 and 3, the power function battery part and the power function IR reciever is needed, as well as the power function train motor, the baseplate for the train, and for some reason the two splitting tracks, though the only instruction given for those, is to put the yellow bricks on them and your'e not able put them together yet. Here's a look at all the pieces in bag 2 and bag 3! Pieces from bag 2: Click for larger image. Lots of usefull parts, to me at least, as this is my first train set. so this whole experience is to me like stepping into a candyshop for the first time ever. But on top of it, the diversity is really nice and I can se all these pieces used in a lot of MOC's in the future. Lets build. Lets Build, lets BUILD !! Bag 2 emptied: Having emptied bag 2 and builded what the instructions suggested, this is what we are left with. Im assuming those are sparepart's. Time will tell. Moving on to Bag 3. Pieces from bag 3: Click for larger image. Once again lot's of usefull pieces. And woohoo. A printed tile. I was almost certain that their weren't any printed bricks in this set, but that everything had to be "sticky arted": Adding the powerfunction battery pack: Now during this build its time to add the power function's IR reciever and Battery pack. It swallows 6 AAA type batterie's ( and just a note, the controller takes up 3 AAA type batterie's as well ). You will need a small screwdriver to acces the battery pack. As train set's are new to me im loving this build so far. Many techniques are offcorse familiar, but a lot is quite different from what im used to. It might just be all these part's that it's the first time Im introduced to. Battery pack and IR reciever addded: Easy task. Though, the instructions make's their wires look as they are lined up very smoothly with the build. Im not to sure mine are ! Lets finish this train. Been awesome so far ! Cargo locomotive finished: Click for larger image. This was an awesome build, and the finished result is to me just stunning ! Looking at pictures and the boxart, they just doesn't do it justice. It looks way smaller than it actually is and the detailing just really dont get justified by the pictures. Besides, the unstickered version to me, looks very very good. Also, this might not in any way be new to all you guys and gal's that already own a power function train set, but I was really astounded by the technique that is used to turn the power on and off for the battery pack. Just two sparepart's left from bag 3, however the finished build justifies it. Now im convinced that the price one have to pay for this set, is really worth it ! Moving on to bag 4, and instruction booklet 3. This let's you build the Cattle transport. Everything needed to build the third instruction booklet's content: This will let you build the cattle transport wagon. From the look of it, the bag doesn't contain a lot of parts. Here's what's in this bag. Pieces from bag 4: Click for larger image. Again surprised. Not that many parts, but most of them usefull for every MOC enthusiast. The bull is a must. I dont own one, and have never seen it in any other set. It's really quite beautifull, and I will be using it a lot in future MOC's, im pretty sure. Cattle transport wagon finished: An easy and not that satisfying build. Nothing unexpected, and no nice new building techniques introduced. Overall a bland build that looks ok, and BEWARE its getting worse from here on, however YOU have to read the conclusion as Iv'e figured TLG out with this set ! Now moving on to the Cable drum wagon. Everything needed to build the fourth instruction booklet's content: Time to build the Cable drum wagon. Not much else to say about this. Seems like Its just a fill in to expand the otherwise lovely set to make it look bigger. Pieces from bag 5: Click for larger image. Again again, lots of useful parts. However once again a way to easy build with no big surprises, and it ( once again ) doesn't really deliver the "building experience" that I love LEGO for. At this point im afraid that all the fun with this set is over ! The Cable drum wagon finished: Do i have to say anything about this ? It look's as it does. Nothing to roll around those cable holders, and "only" one chain included that really doenst have any function as well. Its not even connected to the wagon in any way. Indeed lot's of useful parts but it just looks like a rushed build. Next build, the fuel wagon. Everything needed to build the fifth instruction booklet's content: All these pieces will turn into a fuel wagon, and a cargo truck, along with a wheelbarrow. Pieces from bag 6: Click for larger image. All the pieces. The color of the wheelbarrow is nice and again the parts for the build is usefull for any MOC enthusiast. The Fuel wagon finished: Click for larger image. However the build experience once again doesnt deliver any fun and just feels like a repetition from the Cable drum wagon build. Also the lift look's awefull in my oppinion. Something's wrong with the roof of it. Besides the way everything is organised onto the wagon looks weird, and off. But, the pieces are all usefull and that's what plusses i have to say about this. Moving on to build the Cargo train station, the last instruction book from this set. Everything needed to build the sixth and last instruction booklet: Pieces from bag 7: Click for larger image. First, the content from bag 7. Lateron bag 8 which is the last bag for this whole set. The content of these bags let's one build the Cargo train station. Do I have to say again, more usefull parts, but also some not that interesting for once. However the usefull once, wins the battle as all the pieces Iv'e seen in this set is mostly not to common pieces, and not pieces that I personally would never expect to make use of. Two more printed pieces in this bag ( but these are common pieces ) the keyboard and the computerscreen. So overall the whole set delivers three printed pieces. Lets begin to build the Cargo train station! Build from bag 7 finished: So far so good. It's looking better than expected and was a fun build so far ( much needed from the last three NOT funny and blend looking wagon's). Lets move on to the last bag of LEGO for this set. Pieces from bag 8: Click for larger image. More rather usefull pieces, and rather special one's indeed, but not the diversity that we have seen from the prior bags. Iv'e become curious as to wether it's possible to use the "old school" LEGO track's to make larger train lanes with ? Haven't tried it out, but my instinct is that it's not possible. Surely one of you train expert's will tell me all about it in a comment (please !!). The Cargo train station finished: Click for larger image. I somewhat likes the Cargo train station. It is taking me back to my chilhood where LEGO set's weren't that complex, yet had that feeling of delivering a setup for your mind to play with it, and let your imagination make everything possible. Playing with it surely delivered exactly that feeling. Now the MOC nerd in me see's tons of stuff that can be done with this, and i surely will. But the overall feeling is great. This last build somewhat corrected the experiences from the last two wagon set's. Only negative i have to say about this is that the heavy lift seem's to be a stud of in width, as it will all collaps if you aren't carefull when lifting cargo. However the moving of the whole lift is working gorgeous and it's fun to push it in one end and seeing it speed towards the other hoping it will fall of. But it doesn't, unless you are really putting some strengt into it. So this ended with a good experience after all. Are we finished ? No, there is still all this left: Minifigures and bull, frontview: I have no clue as to how common these minifigures are, but i kind of like all of them. My only issue should be that all wears cap´s. Now, im not supressing womans at all. But find it funny that the only female in the set is the one who get's to wear hearing protection. ( It should be the other way around ). In fact, all personel working close to machinery, shoud wear those. That's personal experience ! I love the bull. Might be cause it's new in my collection. But its a cool animal to have and the horns could be used for lot's of useful organic building techniques. Minifigures and bull, backview: Well, a few backprints. Still some nice ones. Glad to have all these figs in my collection. All the builds lined up: Click for larger image. Last ( not really ) but not least. Lining all the builds up around the Cargo station build. It looks somewhat a mess. But this is not how LEGO intended it to be im sure. In fact, were not quite done yet. Remaining tracks and the Power function controller: Offcourse i dont have a lightroom huge enough to layout the whole of this track. Conclusion: My first thought about this set was that it was a set like most others. Here, build these trains and make them roll around the track endlessly. However there is a lot of hidden bricks in the set that suggest something else. I have always been removing usefull parts from set's that's not visible after the set have been put together. Most of the time LEGO have included these parts ( changes of colors, tiled bricks ) to make it easier for people to read the instructions. Mostly the colored pieces are ordinary ones, and tiled pieces the same. But, with this set its so very different. Dark grey plates that you will never see. Tan bricks hidden away for no reason. Jumpers where plates would have been obvious to use. 3 blend wagons that didnt even deliver the building experience, but however was packed with usefull parts. This set to me, is screaming for AFOL's to mod and MOC it ! Im guessing offcourse, but it seems that LEGO wanted to make a set that would make it possible for everyone to start building train sets, but offcourse couldnt sell it as a creator set. So to make it reach an audience that weren't only FOL's, they decided to do it this way, and at the same time be able to justify the price of it. Follow me. All the tracks, the power function parts. The parts for the wagons, which is much needed to make trains for oneself. In fact, buying two train motors from LEGO( IR recievers and battery pack as well offcourse), and you will be able to make two additional locomotives with this set! At first, the playability value I would have given this set was aimed at kids. LEGO turned the table 180 degrees. This does have playability value for kids as well. That's to me why LEGO decided to make it this way. But the way I look at it, they really aimed for the adult market with this set and they hit point blank ! In case your in doubt, im loving this set despite the blend builds. So many usefull parts, so many things a MOC dude can do with it. Ton's of different large pieces and to top it, all the power function parts needed to start making one's own collection of LEGO trains. Scores are based on my personal experince with the set. Parts: 10/10 So many useful parts, even when considering the price of the set. Cant give it less than max. Design: 7/10 The Locomotive and the Cargo station is awesome. The score is based on my assumption that LEGO had AFOL's in mind putting this set together. Playability: 7/10 It's a train that can run on track's. For kids the score might have to be a 9, but for FOL's it cant be more than 7. But will score it all again having modified everything. Minifigures: 6/10 I have no clue as to how rare these are. They are nice, but thats about it. Price: 8/10 I got it 25% off, so that was a nice price. But honestly. I cant wait to get the funds to buy yet another one of these sets. It's so much worth it. Honestly ! Overall: 9/10 Cant give it less. This sets Screams for all FOL's to get it and start MOCcing it ! .. You should get one too ! I hope you enjoyed the review, and do give me input on where im wrong and why. As said many times already: This is my first train set. So teach the n00b please ! Please do comment and ask questions, or come with suggestions if any. KlodsBrik.
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    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I sooo hope you´re right. Second thought is that, if is really is part of the ninjag movie, It might be a cheaper way to get several sharks.
  3. KlodsBrik

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    All updates will be availabe for probably "ever", so no worries. Only thing is that ofcourse, the game ain´t gonna grow bigger than it already is. The "good" thing is that all pack´s are gonna get cheaper as shop´s are gonna want to get them of their shelfs.
  4. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Yeah, to me, something that is really bothering me, is that I was informed that the shark WAS part of the SM to begin with. Again my source, she´s just an ordinary employee of LEGO but have a lot of love for the brand as well. I´ve been awaiting some new info the last week to get to know what is really going on here. Been curious as to what happened to Dimensions, as well as what is going on with this whole Shark thingy. To me it´s obvious that the shark was designed for the SM, but I really have no clue as to why it wont be a part of the set ( in case it won´t ) it´s still twilight to me ( us ) . But judging from my latest info and some pictures I´ve seen from some box art I offcourse can´t show, seems like that the shark ain´t gonna be part of this set. Another thing is about the interior. I´ve had mixed feedback on that part. One says it does, another says a designer told him/her it doesn´t. So it´s still a freaking mystery to me. But freaking hell, I loved your idea about the DVD / BlueRay edition of POTC5 including a Shark .... I hope TLG is reading this thread closely ...... Hint ... Hint ... Hint !!!!! And now, only because I have seen all the hate that just2good got on Twitter I have begun to get involved myself again. For the love of the bricks. Several years ago something similar got me down, now, there were other things in my life as well. But it drowe me into a dark age. I never tried to make people hate me. I did all I did for the love of LEGO. Even started all over with a new nick leaving my old behind. Im standing up again, cause the people who bring us the news in a positive way, are the people making this community exciting. Love you all !!!!
  5. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    It´s most likely that the shark is part of the Ninjago movie. Now I heard this out of context from an employee I know that mostly have some good hints as to what LEGO is up to. I have been most curiously about this shark mold, and the whole thing about LEGO not showing the boxart for this POTC set yet. Now, Im still guesing, but having read @just2good ´s tweet, where he is guessing on the same, Im becoming pretty sure this will be the case. But damn IT ... No more Dimensions, and no ghost shark for POTC .... LOL ... Weird year to be a LEGO nerd lover !
  6. KlodsBrik

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Been in the same situation for the love of LEGO. "we" just spread what we can from our sources, and to bring good or bad news to the people we see having the same interest in our little beloved bricks. A shame that you have to go through all this bullsh1t. I´ve been watching you from day 1, and you´ve always taken care of presenting what leak´s are worth getting out into the community. And which are not. Don´t listen to the hater´s. They don´t represent the biggest part of the community. Worst thing is that mostly the biggest part of people will react upon bad news, and one won´t hear a lot from the people who know one is right. Unfortunately I know you are right as well. Damn, I loved LEGO Dimensions. Only great thing that is coming out of this is when everything goes on sale so one can build of large armies of cybermen ( That´s my curse ), and other minifigs that will be a challenge to get in the future. @just2good Keep up the good work mate ! To me, you are a very respected source of information. Dont let the adult "kid´s" get you down.
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    NEXO Death star.

    I know I´ve been posting this in special as part of fun I had with the "new" NEXO piece. But now I have to start being part of the SW community. So here is my first SW "MOC" for you . For the fun of it. I have to start somewhere. What´s more obvious than the Death star .
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    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    You might be on to something. That could be the cure to all our questions about this manatee shark.
  9. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    The ship look´s awesome. Just as I thought it would look from other angles, than those previously showen. Also feels that the price seem´s more justified from the above picture. The haul does look big enough for some cabin interior. We need more pictures !!!! Still those sharks are killing me. I so do not hope that it´s an giveaway if one buys the set, cause then im pretty sure that we won´t be able to get it in Denmark. Just an feeling. Im going to LMAO if it turns out it will be this year´s EB´s Christmas raffle price !! ( And insanely humble to say the least. )
  10. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Hammerhead Garage

    Awesome MOC. Has a very apocalyptic look to it !! And your snot road looks great. KlodsBrik.
  11. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Mining Outpost

    Great additions. This have become a very lovely alien landscape. Almost feel sad that it´s finished. Would have loved to see further additions for it. KlodsBrik.
  12. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Transport Terminal

    That´s probably the nicest use of the brick seperator I´ve ever seen. Also the fact that one can easily turn this into a bus station instead of an passenger terminal is genious and could brilliantly easy be an official LEGO set. Greatly excecuted as well, look´s awesome. Yeah love it ! KlodsBrik.
  13. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Yeah, I´ve been looking very close at that blurred box art when it was first leaked, and it definately does look like it could be two shark´s. We had leaked pictures of the shark itself. But once again, what makes me wonder. We already have pictures of the set as it were shown at Toy Fair, and also had official pictures from LEGO. But no shark´s shown in any of them. Why would they hold that information back ? Did LEGO( Disney ) themself think that it was a "poor" set. ( Im not), and decided to wait release of the shark and boxart, to make more people think they would get what what they paid for ? It just doesn´t make any sense at all for me. Also my contact haven´t been able to tell me anything about ghostsharks in the set. It´s not like the person know´s everything, but I do get a lot of info Im not allowed to talk about. Im just really wondering about the myth of the ghost shark´s by now "POTC Episode 5.1" EDIT: Also I cant recall that LEGO only showed some part´s of a set before.
  14. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Still makes no sense. What do you guys think. Was that leaked shark a fake or an piece LEGO decided not to put into the set afterall. We should have had official pictures of it by now ! ?
  15. Interesting. And it definately does make sense with improved and more advanced production facilities and method´s. Thank´s @CopMike . Im always interested in knowing these small thing´s about how LEGO ( as well as other companies ) improve their products.
  16. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Are we sure that the set will include the shark´s at all ?? Im worried by now that we won´t, as official pictures doesn´t even include them, and being that it´s probably available for VIP´s 27th of March, their should be pictures of the sharks included with the above photo imo ? Am I wrong ? I would really have loved those ghost sharks included.. Besides that I really think that this set is gonna look great when we get more pictures and shot´s of it from different angles. Im not sure if it justifies the price of 200$, but im probably getting it anyway, as it´s a lovely and different approach for pirate ships. Just my 50 cent´s . KlodsBrik.
  17. KlodsBrik

    Curse of the Blue Angel

    That was a pretty sweet animation. It definately shows that you´ve used a long time producing this. Offcourse it´s not a masterpiece, but you could definately become a pro with a little practice. I hope you are in the process of writing your next animation, and I can´t wait to se what you come up with. Great work. KlodsBrik.
  18. Maybe they just haven´t decided on the final print and mold for the fig. ? !
  19. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Game of Thrones - Unsullied

    Can´t hate Game of Thrones. Just finished Season 6 yesterday. I wan´t more ! Awesome army ! KlodsBrik.
  20. KlodsBrik

    When Creations come together Lay-Out

    This is looking quite good. Sooo much stuff going on ! Especially love the purple / bley / tan tower.
  21. thanks. Yeah, im not happy with the wing´s as well ... Just havent figured out yet which pieces would fit them better.
  22. 15/2-2017 The force(s) are getting bigger: Begun to build a diorama for all the moc´s. Added the Millinium falcon as well. Running out of smaller vessel´s to build. 8/2-2017 .. The beginning for me building Star Wars : Had some fun tablescrapping an X-Wing, being my first actual Star Wars MOC. I need to practice Star Wars builds a lot as Im totally noob here. Im pretty happy with the result at this scale. Enough talk, here it is: Please do leave comments, and indeed suggestions for any changes I could make . KlodsBrik. EDIT: Changed topic title, as I figured Im gonna make quite a few micro scaled vessel´s and vehicle´s, as Im having so much fun with it. So Im just gonna put everything in here as I progress.
  23. Had to build the iconic Millinium falcon at some point, and just got my hands on the forms. From there everything just flowed. I found myself doing the exact opposite of what I first intended when I started getting back into building micro scale the last couple of week´s. This project if you will, was all about getting back to basic, and just building, not thinking to much about "how the real deal" look. More about just tablescrapping building from imagination. Therefore the falcon is an interpretation from my imagination, from me having fun building as an "artist". Have begun building the diorama for all these moc´s as well ... Sorry about the picture quality. Seem´s like there is something wrong with my camera. It doesn´t focus correctly, or the pictures end´s up blurred. KlodsBrik.
  24. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    Looks gorgeous. Seem´s like you could use a few more bigger tables indeed ! KlodsBrik.
  25. KlodsBrik

    [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    I can´t remember where I read this, but someone well known with LDD, wrote something like you could add an invisible brick somewhere around the edges to get a more perfect zoom. Im not sure if I understanded you correct. Anyways, im pretty sure someone is around that will help you out with what to do. Looking forward to those pictures. KlodsBrik.