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  1. I wish lego would do something like neo classic space with the old colors ... just for us afol's - should be enough coin if done as good as the mocs around
  2. Does the stand feel "stable" enough to hold the falcon for a long time ?! it looks quite thin from the acrylic used compared to the stand of TLG which they used for their store displays ... ?!
  3. Here's the full catalogue :
  4. Topic says it all ... having the original instructions and set it is almost impossible to have this standing for a longer period without collapsing. I read about existing modifications here more than once but cannot remember where and if there are instructions for such a modification available. Any help is appreciated :) thank you !
  5. medu

    [MOC] BB-8

    we need a parts list and a building instruction :)
  6. one of the coolest sets to look forward to !
  7. medu

    Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    only one thats perfect for this kind of sets was grievous and thats why he's sold out everywere...