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  2. andika

    REVIEW: 10210 Imperial Flagship

    This latest Pirate set is what makes me return back to LEGO, I saw this ship at a local shopping complex on LEGO promotional expo last week, and was amazed that my childhood theme "Pirate" is back with the old characters "Imperial Guards" this time with better modelling and design.. Not that I can afford it, here in my country this set costs a fortune, just guess how much it is here.. 1,000 MYR.....
  3. andika

    REVIEW - 6263 Imperial Outpost

    I used to have this one, ahh good old days
  4. andika

    REVIEW - 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner

    Thanks for the review and pics, I remember back then in 1993 this set was around 300RM (in my country's currency) and of course, I can't afford it though.. Unfortunately I have always thinking that the Imperial Soldier/Guard should have a bigger ship back then, in fact they are "Imperial" they ought to have a bigger ship than the pirates, anyway it's just a thought though nevermind that..
  5. andika

    Pictorial Review - 6273 - Rock Island Refuge

    This set was known as 6273 "Port Jamaica" in my country, I don't know why it was named like that LOL.