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  1. Out of Sight

    8043 - The Bucket that Never Was

    I was thinking vacum forming, like some R/C car body modelers do, using vacum formed lexan/polycarbonate. But I don't think it'll do well since the bucket has some fine detailing and sharp creases, not to mention the trimmings afterwards. Anyway good luck with the casting process, it would be great if the finished product has a matte black finish, much like the original 10 x 18 bucket, however I do notice that it's made of a rather flexible plastic, similar to ABS plastic found on real car bumpers.
  2. Out of Sight

    MOC - Bridgestone Tyre Service Centre

    Great idea on that lift jack...love it. That flatbed truck is also an eyecandy, but it wouldn't hurt adding a GQ Patrol or 75 series Cruiser ute perhaps ...these are quite common sight on the Outback.
  3. Out of Sight

    [MOC] Old police car

    Love that swopping rear waistline below the c-pillar, and front bumper design, reminiscent of late 60's - early 70's dodge...Dodge Coronet cruiser comes to mind. May I suggest instead of the 1x1 cheese slope, you could try 1 x 2 curved slope for a smoother rear waistline profile. Great design anyhow :thumbup: , might try making my own, I'm thinking mid 90s Caprice
  4. Out of Sight

    MOC: Tractors and trailers

    Ahh, thanks for correcting that out
  5. Out of Sight

    MOC: Tractors and trailers

    DAF is (Van Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek N.V.) an automobile manufacturer of Dutch origin. CF is the type of the truck itself. I think this nice MOC represents this truck very well. love the orange color
  6. Out of Sight

    8043 - The Bucket that Never Was

    I'm always drawn any time a thread is mentioning 8043, by far I still think one of the best flagship model, since all the functions are fully remote operated, much like the previous 8275 and the latest 42030. I've been considering cutting and narrowing the bucket, but seeing this mod of yours, I might just save some tears on Lego purists for cutting an element LOL. Anyway have you tried attaching this bucket on the model itself and working the bucket through its pace. I'm wondering how rigid this bucket is to withstand normal playing. I'm using a high discharged nimh batteries instead of alkalines, so they can deliver some amps and torque for the M motor. Looking by your work, seems like you have some considerable skills in plastic modeling, do you by any chance have previous experience in plastic model kits? Great work!
  7. Out of Sight

    [MOC] Hummer H2

    Fantastic model, instantly recognizable as a H2. I especially love off-road vehicle models, yours is no exception. I wonder if we could see the iconic G-wagon some time in the future, preferably the 'obscene' 6x6 G63. Considering your talents, it should be a walk in the park..
  8. Out of Sight

    Light upgrades for TMNT Movie van #79115

    Thank you for all the kind words! I really appreciate it. Very true, however on the last scene of the bigscreen movie, when the van made its first appearance, Donnie was actually driving the van, he was mentioning all the gimmicks in the van, while shortly after Mike accidently triggered the rooftop missile
  9. Hi guys, just want to show you some upgrades that I did on the TMNT 2014 Movie set #79115 Turtle van takedown which I acquired last week. It's not much or even considered an MOC, but nevertheless an effective one to further enhanced playability, especially if you're on limited budget like me. Being a a big fan of TMNT, I already owned most Lego TMNT Nick cartoon sets (thanks to my7 y/o daughter and her persuasive demands for them), I welcomed this strange, disfigured 2014 "Michael Bay" turtles...despite the critics, I like them, the 2014 movie adds different and unique gesture of TMNT we all know and love from the 80's The title is pretty much self explanatory with main objectives as follows : - Enhanced interior details - carries all four turtles AND their weapons. As much as I love the intimidating Lego version of the van, which obviously is HUGE , resembling a 'tanked up' Winnebago and not to scale as compared to the movie (much smaller 60's Ford Econoline), I felt that the stock interior seriously lacks detail, and wastes so much space considering this is a pretty hefty 8 wide vehicle. I was mainly dissapointed that we can't simply put all four turtles on board, in van which is named after these awesome foursome...major flaw in my opinion. So I went into my parts inventory and made some alterations! I added some details in the driver's compartment, printed slope which represents center dash consoles, probably to control the weapon ,and audio systems LOL, a security club to represent the auto transmission shifter, and printed 1x2 tiles, representing the center function buttons to select Power/Eco/Winter mode, and perhaps the opening function of the side doors. And a fire extinguisher, God knows what the turtles might set up on fire accidently LOL On the rear I added a pizza tray for the "99 cheese pizza", for Mike to devour, with Raph next making digital compilation for their upcoming new hip hop album, and song playlist for April! I made use of many 1 x 2 stud jumpers to allow them to sit side by side For safety reasons, they must store their weapon on board (imagine flying katanas and sai's during sudden braking...could be lethal), so I made a weapon rack to securely place them. A simple detachable rack with an iphone dock...the phone itself commands the locking mechanism, so the weapons will only be released by punching the right security codes! LOL. The red/green round tiles is the indicator for the weapon status. Red is LOCK..duh.. None of the parts are touching despite the seemingly cramped space, so all bricks and figs are properly place on the studs, the roof and side closes properly and flushed. And most importantly all these mods left the original exterior design..which I like..intact Thanks for viewing this meager modification of mine guys, pardon the low quality photos! All comments are appreciated.
  10. Out of Sight

    1:8 Scale Classic American Hot Rod

    WOW, I'd just fainted for a sec there... :thumbup: Very nice AND functional. This model would be right at home on any of ZZ Top's music vids I prefer the ones with the black wheels though, either with the axle 'spinners' for the hub or personally a dish to simulate the wheelcaps found on more traditional hotrod.
  11. Out of Sight

    Pneumatic questions...

    @allanp Thanks for clearing this out. So I guess i'd better be off running one M motor using two actuators, but with the two pumps running at opposite 180 deg ofset so each 1/2 cycle pumps air as opposed to running just one pump (1 cycle 1 pump). In theory I should get the same movement speed with twice the strength when the pumps are pumping those two pneumatic actuators that I'll be installing later, is that correct? EDIT : Allanp, is there a specific way to connect the air hose from the two pumps, or do i simply just add a T joints from the two hoses of the outlet from the pumps into one hose leading to the output switch? @SNIPE Yes I did experiment with the lift points.. to get better rotation range of the main boom, which the stock crane design lacks . But the range works like a gear ratio, since the pneumatic actuator travels at a fixed distance, therefore increasing rotational range ( moving the lift points closer to the pivot points of the boom) means greater leverage, therefore I need more force. As you can see I have better rotational range of the boom compared to the original 8110 crane design, but I can barely lift anything heavier than 100 grams when the crane is fully extended. The other reason is I plan to extend the main boom few studs longer so i can reach and drop the load on the logging trailer that I'd be moc-ing later on.
  12. Out of Sight

    8110 - Unimog - MODs and Improvements

    @Tim Perfect...the only suggestion I can give you is a rounded front fender to make it more accurate to the real thing, maybe using tubings like the supercar sets. If Lego prolongs its licensing with Mercedes Benz..I'd like to see the UGH series 4000 Mog in future flagship sets.
  13. Out of Sight

    Pneumatic questions...

    Thanks guys. I see...since I flunked physics class during my high school years..(well not flunked just not too bright), I understand that running double pneumatic actuators (let's call it 'PA')will increase the lifting capability but since the pump is running at constant speed/same debit of air , the PA will move twice as slow, although actually that's OK since I will need a slower more precise movement. How about running two pumps at once using two M motors,on just a single PA? In theory I'll be pumping twice as much debit of air therefore increasing pressure hence better lifting capability? Although I'm worried that the movement will hideously fast and uncontrollable.
  14. Having to fiddle around the last 1 month with my Unimog (which also marks the first month of my life being with a Lego pneumatic system )..I'm thinking of creating a lifting crane with a telescopic boom, while also improving working and rotation range, therefore the pneumatic actuators will be subjected to serious leverage when the crane is fully extended. Main objective : more powerful lifting capability on the main boom while maintaing the original design as much as possible, of the 8110's crane. If I were to retain the stock 8110 setup, single pump, no air tanks running a single M motor...which of these options gives better lifting power? 1. Adding another pneumatic actuator on the main boom 2. Running two pumps at once (i don't know if a single M motor is able to do this)while still having a single actuators on the main boom. There are maybe other options, you guys are welcomed to make suggestion. Thanks guys
  15. Out of Sight

    8110 - Unimog - MODs and Improvements

    Idk if my post is appropriate for this thread, but the description does say 'improvements'. If not please remove my post. Anyway seeing all these wonderful high cost MOCs, I'd like give a simple,quick and cheap improvements without breaking the bank or having your wife screaming on top of her lungs becoz you just screwed up the your housing loan :laugh: after all not everyone has a liberty of deep financing their Lego projects..well at least not right after you forged out substantial amount of cash to purchase this beast. Crappy Indonesian import taxes means the 8110s are sold well in excess of 200 euros! Main focus: utilise mostly stock available parts, increase the working range of the original grappler crane. I'm always having trouble having to drop even a small load in the rear portion of the truck bed as the main boom can't be lifted high enough. My solution: I reposition the pneumatic actuator like so. To do this you need to place the bent 7-3 liftarm outside the main assembly. The shaft is attached 1 stud closer to the rotation point of the main boom, therefore increasing rotational range, but also increasing leverage so you lose some weight lifting capability. Doesn't mater to me since my heaviest load is merely 20 grams of my daughter's Duplo bricks I also tinkered a bit with the linkage on grappler boom to get better retraction capability. Results speaks for themselves. I can touch the ground or lift the main boom almost vertically and easily drop decent sized load on the rear part of the bed. The only extra parts needed were 2x 6L axles and 2L..well alright you got me..and the expensive black wheels and sprockets for looks only! Other than better range, I see the actuator hoses on the main boom has much clearance without being 'pinched' against the bent liftarm as in the original design, therefore smoother and more controllable boom movement. Sorry for blurry pics, I took these with my phone..I want to depict the Mog in its natural environment, my backyard...