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  1. mackset

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Of course those Chinese minifigures are not for mudular As for modular 2019, the theme is one LEGO had and released for years~
  2. mackset

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    the official information will be released this weekend
  3. mackset

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    A NEW CALENDAR of March from SHANGHAI DIENSY LEGO STORE shows there will be a exclusive set numbered 71042 released at end of March We have already know the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean is coming in April and the mini figures have been leaked from JIAXING factory for days WHAT‘S most important, there is also a picture that looks like a huge ship but we can distinguish which ship it is you can downland it from
  4. mackset

    10255 Assembly Square

    do this two days ago but a little differences with lego offical annuncement
  5. mackset

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    where can i see the leak pictures now?I search all reddit but found nothing
  6. I saw some news recently and somebody even argued with me that I said 42056 was a limited edition.I just said I knew 42056 was limited released to some shop but not" that was a limited edition".I just guessed it might be a exclusive set.YEAP
  7. I think it might be a exclusive TECHNIC.But to my strange,there already have a exclusive set in Aughust and should not be two in a month.The list didn’t write “exclusive”but this set is limited released,which is different form other TECHINC sets in summer。
  8. OK….you guys win….SO the news is the name of IP car is….911 GT3 RS and will release in August
  9. The one give me the list told me not to say too much so I just say some information.If London Toy Fair will show that thing,what I said can be confirmed.
  10. What I saw came from the Japanese LEGO store so the price I knew were not in US dollar.They also told me the new sets had a 10% price rise in average beyond old one. There are 4 sets of TECHNIC in summer in the list.
  11. I saw the production list yesterday and I knew what’s IP car was(I’m not sure whether I can said its true name now).What I can say is that the so called “IP car”is a licensed set and this car might already appeared in another LEGO set of 2015(if I am right).And the price is so high~ Also I saw there are three sets in summer have a higher price than 42052, the 2H set seems more expensive than 42043