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  1. I love them all! Glad we’re getting them. I think they’ll sell like hotcakes and think there’s no reason not to expect a series 3. Don’t know why they waited so long with this series, perhaps they wanted a go at the Disney minidoll sets first. Like many I’m surprised they went for the b/w Mickey and Minnie, but I actually prefer this plain grey version to the ideas silver edition, as it looks more accurate. Been waiting for Nightmare before Christmas minifigs for years, and I’m SO happy!!! Though it puzzles me why Sally didn’t get plain black eyes OR big white ones, like Donald and the Cheshire cat for instance also got larger eyes than the standard lego eyes. But no biggie. The side and leg printing is so amazing for this series, hope they’ll keep it up :-). Predicting Goofy and Pluto will come in the next wave, as well as Lilo and Sleeping Beauty for continuity’s sake, Beauty and the Beast, Moana and Winnie the Pooh, to mention a few. First though, can’t wait to get hold of series 2!!! :-D
  2. Thanks, nice coverage. I'm amazed that they included Wizard of Oz in this series, although I heard that they're making a tiny cameo in the movie - I have yet to see it myself. It makes me think someone high up in TLG is a massive WoO fan, as we've now gotten more minifigs from this one movie than say Captain Marvel or Thor Ragnarok, to name a couple of recent rather major movies. If you include the two flying monkeys and the witch from the Batman Lego movie, there are now as many as 7 minifigs available from WoO. As there may not have been a proper opportunity to make a big standalone set from a movie as old as this, someone has made sure we're getting the figs, spread out over several different sets/series. If they now include the wizard of Oz himself, the good witch and a munchkin or two in a later LEGO movie set, it'll be pretty much complete. It's already outstanding as it is that we've gotten these 7 figures. The yellow base idea is awesome. Does that piece even exist in yellow? Here's hoping for more WoO figures, as well as more old movies having their characters snuck into existence this way :-)
  3. Can't wait for Mark I, V as well as Ant-Man and Cap's new helmets! Also hoping that they'll make a Thanos in regular minifig size, as I often think the bigfigs are simply too large or lack detail. They did the Hulk in regular size twice, or thrice even, if you count the Mighty Micro one. I know they also did a Mighty Micro Thanos, but would love to see a movie related regular sized minifig of him.
  4. snoozle

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Will we get more Fantastic Beasts sets and figures based on the Crimes of Grindelwald this year? I'm one of those who actually really enjoy the new movies, and to my surprise, in particular the latest one. So looking forward to what's to come from TLG HP this year. My wallet is not... :-P
  5. So, Mattel has unveiled their giant Brachiosaur figure. Anyone think TLG will follow suit? I reeeeally want that lego Brachiosaur!!! :-)
  6. snoozle

    LEGO Ideas - Steamboat Willie

    If they truly are doing a Steamboat Willie proper, they should have Black Pete in it, with tail and all.
  7. From the photos I've seen it looks grey when lit properly, but not as light grey as the lego torso looks. The print is great looking, but would've been awesome if TLG also did a darker shade of grey. The grey of the Luke Jedi (at Jabba's) was also too light grey imho. The figure might end up being awesome though. I just hope the head/mask is black :-)
  8. Have they ever done Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's homestead yet? If not, could be a good set. With blue milk, bath for C-3PO, a small Skyhopper and womp rats (which should be larger than the rats included with Luke's speeder not too long ago). Would be great to get Beru at last. Really hope that Tantive IV rumours are true though. Already got the rebel trooper and the new stormtrooper. But can't wait to get Antilles and Leia with skirt. Could we also get Daine Jir?
  9. If the D2C set is another JW based set I'll be really disappointed. I'm very happy that we have sets from this world absolutely. But I think JW has been overdone compared to JP, which still has so much ground to cover in terms of both vehicles, sets and minifigs. Doesn't LEGO realise how much people want stuff from the original movie? Or am I completely misinformed? Did the one Jurassic Park set sell that badly? Been wanting the original JP Jeep for years, as well as minifigs for Hammond, Muldoon, Nedry and Arnold. Happy that we got Grant, Sattler, the kids and Malcolm :-).
  10. snoozle

    [PRESS RELEASE] 21316 - Lego Ideas Flinstones

    I understand why they didn't go with the kids minifigs for this set. These four were the ones I wanted. But surprised that they didn't make a Dino. They could've put a decent Dino together from already existing molds, just giving him a new paint job. And not just for adult collectors. Adding a colourful dinosaur to the set would've increased the appeal for kids as well as kids LOVE dinosaurs, at least the ones I know. Also find it strange that they didn't go with shorter legs for Barney.
  11. Love the new Biker Scout figure, although dual molded legs and white arm printing would've been nice. Been waiting for an update for this one for years, so I'm glad to get it. Wicket though...still doesn't look like Wicket, imho. Made a comparison, shouldn't be hard for lego to change the print into this:
  12. You probably know more than I do. Didn't realise it was a false rumour. Ah well. Really liking the new pics of the Luke and Leia Death Star escape set. Hope they make more of these "movie set"/scenes sets at this scale and size.
  13. I feel like I've read somewhere that at least one of the 2019 sets would be an Endor set with a biker scout and ewoks. Has anyone else heard this?
  14. Another dream is a Nightmare before Christmas set of minifigs. Either as a set or as a a minfig series. Jack Skellington is big business merchandise wise. But not sure if all the other characters would sell as well. Perhaps if it was released just before Halloween?
  15. snoozle

    [PRESS RELEASE] 21316 - Lego Ideas Flinstones

    I second that. They HAVE to include Dino. Hopefully a molded Dino along the lines of Scooby-Doo, only in Dinosaur shape (naturally). Kids love dinosaurs. Can't wait for this set to arrive! :-)