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  1. hattedsandwich

    [MOC] Imperial Hovertank TX-225 GAVr

    Ahh thank you for the kind feedback:) I am not nearly creative enough for that! I am really blessed by the positive responses to this moc :) I wouldn't ever consider myself a pro though!
  2. hattedsandwich

    [MOC] Imperial Hovertank TX-225 GAVr

    Thank you for your kind words!
  3. hattedsandwich

    [MOC LDD] A-Wing (with LDD file)

    Thank you @ScottishDave!
  4. hattedsandwich

    [MOC LDD] A-Wing (with LDD file)

    Seconded, would love to build this ship!
  5. hattedsandwich

    [MOC] Imperial Hovertank TX-225 GAVr

    Appreciate the kind words :)
  6. hattedsandwich

    [MOC] Imperial Hovertank TX-225 GAVr

    Thank you very much!
  7. hattedsandwich

    [MOC] Imperial Hovertank TX-225 GAVr

    I got your email earlier and am so glad to hear it turned out well! Thank you for the kind feedback, if there's anything that could be improved please let me know, would love to continue to iron out this model :) and I appreciate the heads up, I went ahead and just pasted a link above, it would not embed the photos from Imgur any longer (wonder why??) Hey it looks good to me! I threw together thinner ramps in a few photos, but yours definitely fits as well!
  8. hattedsandwich

    [MOC] Imperial Hovertank TX-225 GAVr

    Looks excellent Azrielsc! I like your heavy-duty loading ramp, looks very industrial
  9. hattedsandwich

    [MOC] Imperial Hovertank TX-225 GAVr

    Thank you for the kind words :) I hope you enjoy it, although I have not seen instructions for DarthPineapple's I really admire the way he integrated treads. That is a serious feat having made my own without lol
  10. hattedsandwich

    [MOC] Imperial Hovertank TX-225 GAVr

    Hey everybody, I've been a lurker for a long time and decided I'd make my first post with a MOC I just finished last week. I saw the incredible tracked version posted here by DarthPineapple, and got really inspired by a design that wolf.leews-無 was working on but abandoned. Having said all that, I made the canon hovertank version of the TX-225 GAVr Occupier Tank. A full gallery is available here http://imgur.com/a/lLY3J The tank is roughly 627 pieces (not counting the crates or ramps), and is incredibly study. There is room for 3 figures to sit inside of the tank, with a targeting visor for the gunner, and a console and steering yoke for the driver. The Rogue One visual guide gives a nice glimpse inside the tank that I used for reference, and DarthPineapple's use of the bucket handle for a yoke was genius. On the back wall of the cabin are racks for 2 blasters, as well as a console to control the commander's roof hatch. All hatches can be opened for the minifigs to see out of, and the aforementioned console doubles as a seat for the commander to be displayed. The twin Dymek laser batteries on the sides pivot up and down, and are independent. The whole tank is suspended above the ground at the appropriate scale for minifigures. On the rear deck are spaces for two Kyber Crystal Crates, and the deck can be removed easily to view the detailed engine compartment. Lastly, ramps can be attached to the vehicle's rear to facilitate easy crate loading for the ground crews. I hope you all like it, it was a ton of fun to design and I put a lot of time into making sure it is study. I am confident that this would withstand play from a child, while looking good enough for a collector. If anyone is interested in a parts list and hand made building guide for the tank and crates, just message me. All I ask is a small $5 donation so I can continue making new stuff. Thanks for looking, glad to finally come out of lurking
  11. hattedsandwich

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    That sounds reasonable, at the very least you know that the Lego fans who would go to that length to buy from you are more than likely the type with enough integrity to not go out and give out your hard work for free. I bought Renegadeclone's incredible Zeta Class moc a few weeks back and would never imagine bastardizing all his hard work. Hope that you're still open to sharing your design, this U-Wing is beautiful
  12. hattedsandwich

    [WIP MOC] Another AT - AT

    Any chance you would be willing to share your LDD file with me? I've got the body, head, and feet of mine designed but I'm having trouble coming up with a skeleton for the body and leg attachments <:\ my email is kingnothing9764@gmail.com if you can help me in any way. Your moc is beautiful!
  13. hattedsandwich

    Bricklinking Cavegod's UCS AT-AT

    cavegod would it be possible to get a copy of your ldd file? I want to design my own AT-AT to fit the scale of my AT-ST but I just don't understand how your ankles support the weight xD I'd love to pick apart your build, you really have a talented mind. My email is kingnothing9764@gmail.com