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  1. Nightcruise

    MOC: Bulk

    Been a while since I had made a topic with one of my MOCs on here. But I've been doing my own take with the Hero Factory line, far different than the Lego version. I have them as living machines, much like the Transformers line and like the line, broken in factions. Given that, I did stay on course with what Lego did until between the break from 2.0 to 3.0, which I had already done my take on the Quatros events. So instead of waiting for months, I just did my own thing from that point on. Background: As Stormer engaged Deviot during the final battle of the war, Bulk commanded Stormer's orbital battleship, the L.S.F Avenger and led it with an armada to engage Deviot's Terrocon Star Force. Deviot ends up immobilized and the Star Force is all but wiped out. Following the end of the war, Stormer, Bulk, and Stringer retires from the Hazard Unit and hands it over to a new generation. Fifty years later in 2417, only two Throwbots remain as the others had became Cyberbots. The Terrorcon faction had shatter following the end of the war and several formed rebel groups. One group led by a former Terrorcon soldier in the war, Reaper (Core Hunter) has plans to free Deviot. His Terrorcon Rebels manage to free the former Terrorcon Army leader and he captures the retired Hazard Unit commander, Stormer. This sends the current Hazard Unit led by Commander Evac to be sent to rescue him. As news of Deviot's return spreads, the remaining members of the original Hazard Unit undergo upgrades to be better prepare for the next encounter. As Bulk, Stringer, Nex, and Stormer were mutated on Quatros as an result of their new battle armor absorbing the venom from the Fangz creatures. Upgrading the mutated bodies did become a challenge and some elements remained. Though Bulk could handle the painful operation better than Stringer and Nex could. Here is my updated Bulk: Bulk, Stormer, Stringer, and Nex: From left to right: Gear, Lunar, Flare, Omega, Force, Static, Evac (Active Hazard Unit), Stormer, Bulk, Stringer, Nex (Retired members)
  2. Nightcruise

    Tyrant: God of Plasma.

    I've seen you been very busy as of late with it. Kind of reminds of The Fallen from the Transformers universe.
  3. Nightcruise

    Bionicle or Herofactory

    Story wise, I've never focus on Bionicle's stuff nor do I focus on the HF stuff. I've been doing my own deal long before either line was around. Toy wise, Hero Factory blows Bionicle away. When Bionicle first started, I had Lego Throwbots that could at least had head movement. Then towards the end, I could not touch a figure for six months and picked it up and leg falls off. With HF, no jumbo heads, no "O" on the face if the helment is off, no short body and long limbs, no cracking parts, able to bend arms and legs. Had I known about HF sooner, I wouldn't even wasted my money on the 2009 sets.
  4. Hey, Nightcruise, your MOCs are Awesome!

  5. Nightcruise

    MOC: Vapour

    Here's the trick I did. I used the lead refill holder for the mechanical pencils, removed the the stickers and placed two side by side under the foot, while having support on the other foot on Deviot. Just took me about five minutes to get it all balance out just right and took the picture and then removed the support during edit.
  6. Nightcruise

    MOC: Rocket

    The wider version of the HF body.
  7. Nightcruise

    MOC: Hatchet

    Hatchet was a doctor in the Terrorcon army during the Galactic War (2365-2367) and worked at a POW camp for capture soldiers that survived. It was there that he got his nickname "The Doctor of Doom" as he had captives sent into his lab and never to be seen again. But some capture soldiers did escape the POW camp and soon word began to spread about this twisted Terrorcon doctor. Near the end of the war, the Gamma Unit led by Commander Vapour storm the camp and captured the doctor. Though they also saw countless bits of body parts and learned he tortured many before cutting them up and melting the bodies down. In 2368, he was to be marched in front of a wall and be killed by laser fire. But that never happen as he escaped and been on the run for nearly fifty years. He's since hooked up with Reaper's (Core Hunter) Terrorcon Rebel unit. He's a legend to the Terrorcon Rebels, though some of his war stories are a bit sick. He made even Deviot walk away after he nearly puke up oil. He's so hated by the Legotron forces that every soldier has the order to kill him on sight without command. One day he was found during battle by the Hazard Unit and Gear tossed an thermal grenade at him and destroyed his head. Oddly he survived that and since had a new head from one of Impact's drones. Hatchet's only real friend is Afterburn, which came from working together during several missions.
  8. Nightcruise

    MOC: Impact

    I'll pm pictures in the mornings for a better info, but here it goes: Simple, took a broken short black circle peg, place it inside the bigger part's opening, then took one of those HF BO cuff holder parts and placed it inside the hole in the peg, finally placed the bulb part on the connector.
  9. Nightcruise

    MOC: Impact

    Impact was a member of the Terrorcon Army and managed to escaped being captured when the Galactic War ended in 2367. In 2399 he joined the Terrorcon Rebels and met Reaper (Core Hunter) and Afterburn. In 2317 with the return of Deviot and the lack of a real proper army, Quake became the first Quantron drone general. When Afterburn notice the new Terrorcon Rebel Army needed more stronger fighters, he turned to Impact. Together they worked on a disign that could give the Terrorcon Rebels an edge over their foes. They used holographic scans from the Legotron war archive network and used the designs of the older Vehicon tank drones and reworked the design for a more faster and powerful design. With the new Quantron drone design complete, Impact had his spark placed into one of the bodies and soon he commanded his own legion of Quantron drones as a general. With his new body, Impact can crush his target or cut the target in half with his new claws. His chest can open up and can blast off ten missiles at the target he's going after. He can also travel quickly as he can both over off the ground or travel on the ground at speeds between 35 and 70 MPH.
  10. Nightcruise

    LDD MOC Tronic

    Early peak into one of the characters I'm working on at the moment.
  11. Oh how I wish Core Hunter (Reaper) would of been in the first wave. I think this is my favorite one out of both waves.
  12. Nightcruise

    What did you buy today?

    Got HF Scorpio for $13 and another HF Rocka XL for the same price.
  13. Nightcruise

    MOC: Spittor

    Spittor is a rare member of the Terrorcon Rebel forces. He's not know to be a ground fighter, but more naval. He mainly focus in attacks against the Legotron Navy forces, often getting behind aqua jets and using acid to burn off the wings of the under water fighter craft. He also been known to take over small surface ships and kill the crew, using the ship to fire upon other Legotron Navy forces. He's a skilled swimmer and in it a tight jam, carries two ion bombs that can blow off a section of a ship. Though at times, Spittor has been given orders to help in raids to free Terrorcon fighters. His acid can quickly destroy the systems that keeps the laser bars in the cells running. He has been working with Reaper (Core Hunter) since 2410 and was one of the Terrorcon rebels that freed the former Terrorcon leader Deviot after fifty years immobilized.
  14. I don't see the issue, its not like Hasbro is cloning a Lego series. They are making their own brick company and useing their own theme. Plus the line has been around for a year now and even back in 2004 they had a brick company. I don't think Lego can act as I remember seeing something about how they no longer have full control over the brick design patent.