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  1. Just the kind of tree I want, Made of plastic and easy to disassemble once Christmas is over.
  2. robbzy88

    Minifig-Scale Modular Trucks

    Hello there, Rob here and I have an idea to share with you good people, Not entirely sure if its a new idea or not but I thought it was worthy of sharing, Modular Minifig-Scale Vintage vehicles, Now you might be and probably are thinking that looks like a mess and yep it sure does look that way, Also I am sorry for the terrible potato quality photos. Lots of photos below sorry about that. Modules and special features Mail truck and Sign with opening rear door. Newspaper Delivery truck Fire engine and lights with opening side, 2x fire extinguishers, 3x ladder piece so quite a long reach, Other side has a hose reel and storage container. Gritter and snowplow attachment, Opening rear hatch should work to drop studs (its abit stiff though), Plow can be used left and right also abit stiff. Tow truck and lights, 5 joints providing pose-ability Flatbed with bikes Fire extinguisher promotional vehicle Wood flatbed with wood/Barrels when I find some Wooden bed And finally no modules More to come, If you have any ideas for more let me know :)
  3. Get ready for winter with the Winter Village Hardware Store Winter Village Hardware shop features 6 Minifigures, 3 Store workers, 2 male and 1 female shopper. Includes 1 vehicle, Vintage Dropside Steam Truck inspired by a 1930s Sentinel S4 Steam Waggon. Looks pretty plain doesn't it, Wait until you get inside. Looks like the delivery driver is off to deliver some gas canisters so the townsfolk can keep warm. I see a female customer looking to purchase a fine looking Christmas tree. Where to begin with the Fully enclosed interior, Features a wide range of tools and a (brick built)? Clothes rail where you can purchase workwear. Including a full range of 5 different fire extinguishers. And a topdown view showing the floorplan of the Building and the truckbed, I think that is everything, Thanks for looking :)
  4. robbzy88

    Why does LEGO not make skyscrapers?

    My guess would be too expensive, I imagine that larger window pieces for example will cost more per part, Also structural rigidity might be compromised a little more (a little more stress on parts possibly)
  5. robbzy88

    Winter Village: Ice House

    Very nice, I especially like the little truck, I'd love to have this in my winter village.
  6. robbzy88

    Too much vehicle focus?

    I'm a big car guy in real life, Being an ex-mechanic I can appreciate vehicles more than most people, But I do share the feeling alot of people have here, The wheels sticking out on cars looks silly and very childish especially when put near a modular building for example as they appear more grown up and dare I say true to life. However and I've felt this since coming back from my dark ages there are far too many vehicles and not enough buildings that would perfectly accompany them.