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  1. saibot

    [MOC] Fort Iron Cactus

    thanks for that, appreciate the reply.
  2. saibot

    [MOC] Fort Iron Cactus

    Hi, Could you give the part numbers for the different officiers torso and leg piece's. I'd like to add some of these to my own fort legoredo figs. thanks...
  3. saibot

    [MOC] French train station

    dunno if I'm more impressed by your build or your back garden/pool
  4. saibot

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    thanks, I was looking for this info. I suppose at least (according to rumours ) it will be cheaper at €30 and not more expensive than the last one, which was also a target exclusive so harder to find in most shops. Wonder if it will only be able to seat one clone, the previous one could take 2. Would have to see the phase II gunner a bit more before deciding on upgrading a lot of the phase 1's I have.
  5. saibot

    €125, 18 sets...

    I really liked the clone turbo tank, comparing it to the new one just released it seems a lot better. The others on your list that stand out are these 3 which I never got but would really like. That 7679 doesn't seem to appear too often on buy/sell sites so prices can be high. 7679 Republic Fighter Tank €90 7753 Pirate Tank €35 8019 Republic Attack Shuttle €45 Some of the others like the AT-TE, I'd be more inclinded to get the newer version - 75019. The likes of T4 jedi-shuttle/cad bane's speeder never interested me, but I did buy the minifigs seperately.
  6. That A-wing pilot looks really nice. Do they sell any of these polybags at legoland ? Will be visiting the florida one next month.
  7. saibot

    Review REVIEW: 75098 Assault on Hoth

    when would we expect to see this set in the shops, as far as I can see its only on right now ?
  8. saibot

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    thanks for those pics, I think thats most of the set right there in those 2 shots. Don't think I'd mind getting another snowspeeder, chances are there would always be one included. Something has to fly out those doors. its the wampa cave and that section I don't want again. I was hoping aswell the ion canon would be like the moc ones where it was made using one of the deathstar planets, shooting skywards. Need to get a better look at the shield generator.
  9. saibot

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Wow, 40dollars and it says 3 sold already! Still don't get why the head is a black stud piece.
  10. saibot

    75021 gunship mod

    Hi, any chance you could post a jpg of the scan ? would like to try that option aswell.
  11. saibot

    75021 gunship mod

    thanks for the replies. I had the piece's picked out to make that cargo area 2 studs wider, but I wasn't 100% sure if doing that made the front long odd. I look forward to seeing some pics of your mods.
  12. saibot

    75021 gunship mod

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has modded the new gunship, so the lift up panels on the front (under the cockpit) would be 8studs accross, which would then be the same size as the dropship. (could then drop in 8x6 panels are use the space decals from the dropship) I took the front apart the other day and worked out the piece's needed but just not sure if it would look out of place. thanks
  13. saibot

    [Review] 75085 Hailfire Droid

    thanks for the review. I did mod mine later to add one extra shooter to each side, giving it 6 darts in total to fire.
  14. the new UCS Hoth playset that was rumoured ?
  15. Hi, would it be possible to get more details on your second door design. I've done the turrets but having trouble following the door sections.