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  1. BrickLim

    TT-1 MECH

    Thanx man. I started with all sort of colours as i didn't have enough parts for the build. After ensure that that is the final parts, i sourced out the desired colour.
  2. BrickLim

    TT-1 MECH

    THANX for the comments. I m new to this forum TT= Titan :)
  3. BrickLim

    TT-1 MECH

    This is my attempt on Mech machine inspired by all the game and sci-fi action movies. It is the assasin walker - TT-1. Piloted by no other than the famous Boba Fett Prototype. The challege of this mech is to make the foundation strong enough to support the heavy, rotatable torso. The armors can be adjusted for firing enemies from all directions. When it is in its turbo mode, the back panel plates flip up for better resistance. Hope you will like it. Please follow my flickr account : Ivan Bricklim for more MOC. Thanx!
  4. BrickLim


    How do you post pics bigger than 100K, i tried to create a new post and it doesn't allow to upload pics bigger than that.