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  1. thanks for all the ideas, i will give them a look over and see if I can get what I need thanks
  2. what would I use to make the blade free spinning, when the gear is not powering it? thanks
  3. thanks for the suggestions, and input, I will give it a look and try some things as soon as I can. if anyone has any other ways to make a simple "fan" that works by the same or similar pumping motion, please share. thanks Bobby
  4. I am trying to replicate the fan that is in the video at this link, it seems that the things that look the easiest to do, can be the trickiest. Here is a still shot. It doesn't seem that hard to make, but with a lot going on, I seem to be missing something and cannot get it to function properly. wondering if anyone could do a parts list, minus the fan blades of course, of what they see, assembly seems to be straight forward, but again, maybe I am missing something. any comments and ideas are welcome, improvements, other versions, concepts are appreciated. thanks to any and all that provide assistance in any way Bobby
  5. jono.rocky - would you happen to have the build plans for the trigger and propeller? thanks
  6. yes exactly thanks will be interested in the instructions
  7. is there a place to get the parts break down on the sets? like the 8232 helicopter, or the manuals the best place? thanks
  8. thanks for all the ideas, keep them coming if you have any more. looking at the kits to see how they work
  9. I am trying to create a hand powered fan. I am not familiar with some of the options that exist with the technic system, I have seen them but never had the chance to use them. What I am wanting to do is have a lever push in and spring out, ( I believe I will have to rig up a spring) the lever get pushed in and spins a gear, this turns a gear up top with a fan attached to it. as the lever comes back to its starting position, it can not spin the gear backwards, similar to a ratchet, unless there is another way to do it, I have looked at setups like a train piston on the wheels. at the top, the fan will spin with the gear movement, but continue to spin after the gear has stopped - never used a lego clutch gear, maybe this would work? working on a rough draft drawing of the design ask any questions, if I left anything out, just ask thanks Bobby