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  1. Xaran Alamas

    Fantasy Funnies

    Ah, thanks. I thought it looked like Nya but didn't think of you having recoloured it ^^
  2. Xaran Alamas

    Fantasy Funnies

    Hehe I've often wondered what the shopkeepers in games like WoW think about spending their hard earned gold on all my random crap :P BTW may I ask where the face from the dagger lady in the second pic is from? Also where is the blacksmith's arm from? Is it a Mummy? Thanks :)
  3. It all looks very nice but I have to admit your choice of using Emily in the picture gives me a fun mental image of her introducing the concept of ahem plumbing to Elvendale after an uncomfortable incident the first time she needed to 'go' Sorry, sorry I'm terrible
  4. Looks great! Really looks like it would fit in right alongside any of the official sets.
  5. Xaran Alamas

    Fantasy Funnies

    Thank YOU for the laughs :D
  6. Xaran Alamas

    Fantasy Funnies

    ...Is that a LEGO version of the WoW Paladin Judgement set in that past picture? :O Very nice!
  7. Xaran Alamas

    [Elves] Emily's Grandmother

    Thanks for the comments and reply! And D'oh, I forgot there was a colour photo of Emily's Grandmother that showed her eye colour >.< I guess I'll experiment a bit. I may opt for artistic license though, while I could use Emily's head as you mention she has freckles and I'd rather the two had different faces if at all possible. As for clothes well I'm probably going to end up with a couple of outfits for her at this rate once the new Elves minidolls are available.
  8. Xaran Alamas

    [Elves] Emily's Grandmother

    Hi! And thanks that means a lot coming from you, I love your Dark Elf customs. I think adding elf ears and a bit of painting will be my limit on actual customization at least for a while... when I'm able to do it that is ^^ The Elf Ears bit will be tricky enough xD
  9. Xaran Alamas

    [Elves] Emily's Grandmother

    Hehe thanks for the kind words and advice, I'll look into that! However I fear it will be some time before I'm able to post any further updates, my workspace for greenstuff/painting is currently overrun with poorly organized LEGO boxes ironically ... I really need to tidy up a bit
  10. Xaran Alamas


    Those Gargoyles are great! :O Oh and this is the Lava Monster shield from Nexo Knights someone mentioned: http://brickset.com/parts/6135542
  11. Xaran Alamas

    [Elves] Emily's Grandmother

    Sorry for double post but I need to attach another file. So I tried her with Aira's skirt and the white actually works quite well! Perhaps I'll try a version with the purple underskirt (I'm not sure what to call it) painted blue? In either case, changing the colour of the shoes would be the really tricky part!
  12. Xaran Alamas

    [Elves] Emily's Grandmother

    Good news! The torso came today so I can now present the currently purist first version of Emily's Grandmother! I think perhaps the brown hair will ultimately be better but I'm sure I'll find a use for this red hair somewhere :D Obviously she is lacking her ears at the mo so let's say this is her right after she became mortal ^^ I've also realised I need to come up with a proper setup for taking pictures of my LEGO. Oh well. I also hope sooner or later we get Aira's skirt piece in dark blue as that would match the picture perfectly. Or if I get adventurous maybe I can paint it... speaking of I might also paint over the rips in the sleeves from Merida's torso, though that would require good colour matching hrmm... Anyway I'm pretty pleased thus far :D I got two of Merida's Torso so that when the new Emily Torso is available I can rip the arms off one while keeping one as is ^^
  13. Xaran Alamas

    [Elves] Emily's Grandmother

    Hah well that's a little morbid. The hair and head have arrived, still waiting on the torso and legs. Also a bit concerning, my cashbook currently has entries for "Head, Torso, Legs and Hair". I'm not a serial killer, honest! xD
  14. Xaran Alamas

    [MOC] Macy's Mace Dragon

    Ooh nice job! I might have a go at making a Nexo Dragon sometime. I must admit when thinking of Nexo Knights, and being a big dragon fan, I do wonder how long until we see a techno dragon of some sort appear in Nexo Knights.
  15. Xaran Alamas

    Nexo Round Table

    That is one fine round table! Buy four of the set to get started at least!