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  1. LEGO Runner

    The Best Of Castle 2016

    Such a wealth of inspiration and awesomeness, thanks for compiling, and well done to all of the builders!
  2. Looks good! I like the design - it has the same feel as LEGO's recent "good guy" castle sets, including the Kingdoms one. Nice job incorporating the tower and gate into the overall fortress! The trap door that drops into the prison cell is a nice touch.
  3. LEGO Runner

    Castle Number 2.

    Looks great! I like the coastline and the small ridge. Good work on the general landscape that the castle is built on and around!
  4. A rare snow day here in NC has allowed me to catch up and post some pictures of my second real attempt at a MOC. I built the landscape first, focusing on the small ridge and the carved staircase. I wanted to add some ruins next, but they looked pretty bad since I had no real idea of the original structure in my mind. Ended up building a small fortress. The idea is that this is high up in a pass, so resources were limited and its not the most imposing barrier ever built; just something to keep small raiding parties from using the pass to enter the Kingdom. Long term I would love to actually build the mountain walls on either side as well as some space behind the fortress for the garrison (which may prove cost prohibitive); for now, you will just have to use your imagination and trust me when I say its in a pass Front: IMG_2864 by John Compton, on Flickr Back (to be filled in later) IMG_2923 by John Compton, on Flickr Passage in IMG_2932 by John Compton, on Flickr Watch out for Rocks! IMG_2898 by John Compton, on Flickr Birds Eye View IMG_2936 by John Compton, on Flickr Thanks! PS - sorry for the low quality pictures, my wife's good camera w/ lens was stolen a couple of months ago (on our wedding day no less!) - the ol' iPhone will have to do for now
  5. LEGO Runner

    [MOC] In nomine patris

    Gorgeous! I'm very impressed!
  6. LEGO Runner

    Attack on the Iron Furnace

    Looks great! The furnace is awesome, but I love the details the most, especially the way you captured the movement by the stream - the one figure diving while the other swims across - fantastic!
  7. LEGO Runner

    MOC: Osgiliath

    To echo the previous comment, you have done a great job of capturing the moment in time that any fan of LOTR, or at least the movies, will instantly recognize, even without a title. Especially well done given its a size!
  8. LEGO Runner

    The town wall of Dunholm

    Fantastic, the red gate looks great!
  9. LEGO Runner

    Free Build - Shadowpath Forest

    Looks fantastic! As someone who is always looking for great works of landscape to learn from, this is wonderful! I look forward to more pictures!
  10. LEGO Runner

    [MOC]The Rebels Alliance Toilets

    The helmets would have made the MOC great no matter what, but the color scheme and general build is excellent as well!
  11. LEGO Runner

    MOC: The Tumble-Home Tavern

    Fantastic work! I especially liked the bribery scene, the look on the pirates face as he falls off the cow is perfect and had me laughing from the beginning. Bravo!
  12. LEGO Runner

    Medieval Village Corner

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I appreciate it! I like the suggestion for a basement beneath the hut, will have to give it a try. I look forward to sharing more in the future.
  13. LEGO Runner

    Medieval Village Corner

    Thanks Sorrelon! I agree with you on the windows - I wanted to use the cabin but didn't have time to bricklink any time appropriate doors and windows. Good to know that it doesn't work that well keeping it as is.
  14. LEGO Runner

    Medieval Village Corner

    Hello Historic Themes community, this is my first MOC worth sharing. I started with a modified version of the Guarded Inn, then tried to decide why an Inn clearly built into a wall would need a guard post on its roof. My answer was to build it into a relatively unfortified corner of a town wall, thus necessitating the need for the elevated position. Next I wanted to experiment some with landscaping and build in the stream. Finally, I love the Mountain Hut, and even though its a modern set I thought it fit nicely. As you can see, this is a blend of official sets (including the tree from the MMV and the Guard "Shack" from Kingdom's Joust) and my own work. The goal was to slowly expand over time into a larger town, but this is isn't very stable and will need to be rebuilt from the ground up. I learned a good bit though, and while its on to another project for now, I'll revisit this idea again one day! Any feedback for a relatively new "MOCer" is appreciated! DSC_0294 by John Compton, on Flickr DSC_0290 by John Compton, on Flickr DSC_0296 by John Compton, on Flickr
  15. LEGO Runner

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Thanks folks, excited to be here!