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  1. Darkstone

    V-Galactic Racing: Scarlet Hare 20X

    Simply amazing!
  2. Darkstone

    [MOC] The War

    Really nice work, your walkers look cool and the masonry bricks work very well for a battle damaged building.
  3. Darkstone

    MOC Spooky House

    Impressive build, and so many little details, the more I look the more I spot, nicely done.
  4. Darkstone

    Cold War Assassin by Phoenix Customs

    Great custom, like the use of the metallic arm and the face mask looks really cool.
  5. Darkstone

    Deadpool - Something in the drain

    Enjoyed it, the style of it kind of reminds me of the old black and white slapstick silent movies. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Like the sheer spikeyness of the whole thing, and the inclusion of the minifigs give a real sense of scale and scariness to the wolf.
  7. Darkstone

    Easytiger`s gang

    Yeh, the three walkers in different colours are particularly cool.
  8. Darkstone

    [MOC] NCS - Electra class battleship

    Very nice, the colour scheme and intricate detailing make it work really well.
  9. Darkstone

    VIDEO Review: 70411 Treasure Island - AWESOME!

    Agree with all of the above, the animation is good and you have a nice quirky, humorous way of reviewing, I like it.
  10. Darkstone

    Port Royal Is Attacked!

    Really like the stonework and roofs on your buildings, the old fashioned wooden beams work really well.
  11. Darkstone

    PTV 2015 Small: Tavern Brawl

    Great build, lots to see, I like the monkey swinging on the chandelier and someone about to get slapped with a fish!
  12. Darkstone

    Favorite Collectable Minifigure?

    Series 1 Robot for me, just love the retro look of it.
  13. Darkstone

    Vietnam War 2 part!

    Great animation, good use of effects and the scenery/buildings etc. all look good. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Darkstone

    MOC:West Tower

    Great build, the colour scheme works really well and it's very effective the way the landscaping at the bottom merges into the stone tower.
  15. Darkstone

    Black Knights of the Dark Dragon

    The fur capes do look great with the armour, really like the two main guys.