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  1. derpybricks

    Casting my own Bricks! Any suggestions?

    Haha, nawww. Sounds like I was having another pipe dream. I suppose I just wanted to see what it would look like. My goal was actually to create a marbled brick since I have red, yellow and blue, so I guess I could just melt down a bunch of pellets into a flat sheet full of swirls. Idk, I'll see what I can work with.
  2. So I've recently acquired some ABS pellets and I am thinking of trying to melt some down, and making my own rendition of a brick. How would I go about getting the molten plastic in the mould? I obviously don't have an injection machine so I guess my only option is pouring it in gently? I'm getting a bit ahead of myself anyway. To melt it down, I'm thinking of fashioning a crucible from a tin can (because it's actually steel) and chucking it in the oven. ABS plastic has a melting point of 105 degrees celcius so that shouldn't be too hard, but is this safe? Has anyone tried to cast their own bricks, or those who have cast weapons/accessories may be able to give some suggestions. I'm not doing this to sell them, I'd just love to experiment with it.
  3. derpybricks

    Non 'Inside Tour' Factory tours.

    No I had heard that too somewhere, you're not imagining things =P. That'd be pretty sweet if that was the case.
  4. derpybricks

    Non 'Inside Tour' Factory tours.

    Aah yes I was wondering when it would open. Thats definitely another destination I'd like to go to. One of my LUG leaders was saying that there's definitely not 40 people in our group that would be able to go, but if we can get the min 12 people on board we're definitely thinking about it.
  5. derpybricks

    Non 'Inside Tour' Factory tours.

    Yeah I just spoke to one of the leaders of my Local LUG which is recognized. At the end of this year at a meet we're working out the logistics of planning a trip. Sounds like it might be an option after all! (Given there are still slots available, as I'd imagine finding a slot out of six LUGs may be more difficult than 20 individuals.)
  6. derpybricks

    Goodbye Shell. Hello Mobil.

    Wait, so Mobil is under ExxonMobil, ESSO IS BACK VINTAGE FANS! Get on the hype train!
  7. I know the Inside Tours take a select amount of people that register each year and it is incredibly exclusive to get in. Does Lego do any aspect of that tour for the general public, or for people travelling. Like, is that Museum aspect of the tour a public exhibit? I know with certain game companies and other big name manufacturers sometimes offer small informal tours to people travelling from overseas as a good gesture if they've been contacted ahead. I'm planning a Europe trip in a year or two, with Denmark as a destination and I am accepting that I probably won't get into the Inside tour when the signups open, so do I have any chance of seeing anything inside the factory if I'm in Billund? What would I have access to if I was to head to Billund.
  8. derpybricks

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Aah yes the Town hall roof. I've thought seeing as the DBG coloured version of that pyramid is a bit more abundant, I might be able to get away with making the whole roof that grey, instead of black, wouldn't look too bad.
  9. derpybricks

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Aah yes I've heard about the wretched sand green parts, not just from GG, but from friggin every other set. Petition to make more sand green sets? =P
  10. derpybricks

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    So I'm just starting to get into the Modulars, owning all the ones still currently available on the Lego website, and I was wanting to Bricklink one of them soon just for the fun of it. I used to be big on the UCS Star Wars sets so I knew that when Bricklinking, there were certain 'big ticket' items that you'd need to look out for. 10179's rigging and printed dish and whatnot, the tubes of R2D2's feet, the original X-Wing's Scala potplant pots, etc. I know there is a restriction in the way of no new molds for Modular sets, but what are the exclusive colours of parts and hard to find pieces? I'd like to chuck the LDD's up and fiddle around with substitutions/mod to make Bricklinking easier so is there anything specific to watch out for? I've looked around EB but can't find a thread regarding this yet (this isn't my first EB account, forgot the details on my last one lol). Any help is appreciated, Cheers, Derpy.
  11. derpybricks

    V16 Hot Rot

    I had a Hotwheels care like this. I've been meaning to make something like it. This is sick!
  12. derpybricks

    [WIP] 1:50 NASA Crawler Transporter

    Oh dude I just saw some pics of GC Brick Event, had no idea you were in my LUG. I'm volunteering tomorrow, I'll have to come and have a good look.
  13. derpybricks

    [MOC] M:Tron AMGASM

    GASM alright! What a sick build. I think the tracks make it work much better than wheels for some reason. Looks like it's a hulking mass in need of some sturdier traction.
  14. derpybricks

    Nexo Knights 2016

    It's . . . time traveled fanart!