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  1. Hi. I'm always very amazed with MOC creations of mechas and action figures. However, my current collection are all system based bricks with little technic. Currently i have the 76031 Hulk Buster Smash set. Since i don't have any experience in building MOC mechs or action figures i need advice. Should i purchase the 75111 Darth Vader CCBS set and combine it with Hulk Buster to make a MOC mech? I would imagine it would look really cool as my first MOC mech. I need your ideas, comments and suggestions? If i'm successful in making a mech out of these 2 sets, i would probably be interested in making more mechs. However, i'm not interested in the Bionicle line. I need advice on what sets (besides Bionicle) to purchase to build more mechs? Thanks!
  2. I've been collecting creator expert sets, but occasionally I get sets from other themes like ewok village for Star Wars, tower of orthanc fr LOTR, kiwk e mart from Simpsons, sea cow from lego movie, imperial flagship from pirates and the 2 ships from POTC. I thoroughly enjoyed the building process and the look of those sets. Yes, I've read a lot of good reviews about castle/kingdoms sets especially medieval market village and kingdoms joust that's why I purchased kingdoms joust. I was just curious what the build would feel like for a set under this theme. I need advice, since I didn't enjoy the build of this set, should I still try other sets under this theme? If yes, can you recommend sets? Yes I totally understand where you're coming from. I think from now on I would express my sentiments in a lighter way so as not to spark these reactions. Thanks. Ok. Thanks. I want to give this theme another try. Can you recommend sets under this theme?
  3. Hi. I've been into lego for quite a few years now but was never into the 'castle' theme. Recently, I purchased set 10233 Kingdoms Joust just to try the theme out since i heard there's going to be a new castle theme (nexo knights) coming next year. Honestly, I found the build of Kingdoms Joust to be very boring. The building techniques used were just very basic. I mean for the piece count I thought it would be a nice build and all but i was very disappointed with the building process and the finished product. Besides the Medieval Market set, are all of the sets under the castle theme this lame? Are the building processes used under this theme really very basic? What 'castle' sets would you recommend that would have a more exciting build and finished product?
  4. thanks a lot for the tips. What's the pole reverser switch for? Is it to make one motor go forward and the second one go backward? If so, why can't we just make the 2 motors face the same direction so we don't have to use a pole reverser switch?
  5. AlexJ

    Combining 2 70413 Brick Bounty

    Thanks a lot everyone! Brickon, i hope you get another bounty 'on sail'! hehe Thanks Phred for the detailed tips. Amazing looking ships Yawgmoth. Is there any chance you made instructions for your Mod ships?
  6. Hi. After i built the brick bounty i found it too simple and plain looking. I don't have a lot of pieces to customise it so i bought another brick bounty set in order to make the ship bigger. Now, staring at all the pieces, i don't know if i made the right choice of purchasing another set. I need tips/advice on how to make this ship better by combining 2 sets? Are there MOCers who have done this? Tips on how to improve it's appearance by using basic pick a brick elements would be helpful too! Thanks.
  7. Ok! Thanks! Hopefully i'll be able to achieve 10 posts by the end of the week.
  8. Hi. Were you the one who designed these modular buildings? They're amazing. I haven't tried ordering pieces from bricklink. How easy/hard is it to order all the pieces in bricklink (for example the tailor building)? Will bricklink have all the pieces? What tips would you give me with regard to ordering in bricklink? Is there any chance you would sell pieces and instructions for the modular buidings? Thanks.
  9. Hi. I'm quite new to Lego trains. My first purchase was this year's set 60098 Heavy Haul Train. I had so much fun with it and it got me interested to check out Lego trains geared towards adults. Recently, i purchased 2 sets of 10233 Horizon Express from Ebay. While building the horizon express I noticed that it requires different power functions from the power functions that came wit the heavy haul train. I actually thought i could just use Heavy Haul Train's power functions for the Horizon Express. I need some advice. Should i buy power functions for the horizon express in order to power it? Is there a way i could use Heavy Haul Train's power fuctions for the Horizon Express? Why would lego make require different power functions for their trains? Wouldn't it be easier for Lego and it's customers if they just made the same set of power functions for all trains? On another note, since i purchased 2 sets of the horizon express, how do power the second one? What do i need to do or purchase? Thank a lot.
  10. Hi. I'm always very impressed and amazed with MOC creations but I'm the type who would just stick to building sets with instructions. Are there any users in Eurobricks or in the lego community who sell their MOCs? Where and how do i find them? And is there any chance that instructions would come with the MOC? Thanks. Alex