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  1. Ferret-

    What did you buy today?

    I picked up Drawbridge Defense and one of the test piece red wizard hats.
  2. Ferret-

    Not every corner of Avalonia is lush.

    Thanks for the kind responses everyone! I've read through some of the photography guides on the site here and will play around with the advice on future MOCs. Considering featuring less beer caps in photos moving forward ;) I'm in the middle of moving my bricks across on ocean, but there will be more MOCs in the future! Likely the next one will be an official guild sign up with a sig fig.
  3. Deep in the forest of ghosts is a ruined elven shrine, which once was a place where texts of war were written. Challengers seeking military blessing come here to play a game of strategy with the spirits of past kings. The journey is just as dangerous as the price paid for defeat... Sorry for the terrible photo quality.
  4. Ferret-

    Lego Chess Set (mod of the 853373 set)

    Nice redo of the king and queen, they look much more regal and commanding than the wizard and cutpurse from the original set
  5. Ferret-

    Claw Coast

    That's awesome! love the use of the troll warship sails as banners, zug zug
  6. Ferret-

    Historic Lego Build Christmas Present

    Lego has PDF's for DL of all the sets on their site, its a tab underneath the picture of the images.
  7. Ferret-

    Historic Lego Build Christmas Present

    Unfortunately nothing is in production that fits that bill, but here are some sets of varying sizes that you might pick up second hand on ebay or bricklink. Medieval Market Village (1612pc) http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Medieval-Market-Village-10193 Mill Village Raid http://theplasticbrick.com/shop/item/mill-village-raid-lego-set-7189-1 Guarded Inn http://theplasticbrick.com/shop/sku/guarded-inn-lego-set-10000-1 the market sounds closest to what you were looking for
  8. Ferret-

    [MOC] Draconic drummer

    Thanks for the comments guys! Yep, they're all BrickWarrior customs, the head, and the pauldrons have clips on the back for the wings. the drumsticks were a one off custom from eBay.
  9. Made a small fantasy moc for my soundcloud profile image