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  1. [LDD MOC] Rebels Phoenix Squadron and Blade Wing

    Thanks for the files! I think the B Wing will be my next bricklink project.
  2. [LDD MOC] Rebels Phoenix Squadron and Blade Wing

    They are really great! The Blade Wing is my absolute favourite. Would you also share the LDD files? Would be a great MOC for my collection.
  3. (LDD MOC) Rebel Gunship/ Troop carrier

    Very cool MOC! Would you share the LDD file?
  4. [MOC] BTL 8 "Super Y"

    I´m really enthusiastic about this evoution of the Y-Wing! I love the style of the engines and the great sliding cockpit. I would really like to get such an eye catcher for my SW collection. Would you perhaps share the building plan or LDD-file (if available)?
  5. [MOC] Old Republic - Crimson Pilgrim

    Hi! The Pilgrim is a really awesome MOC. I love it! The colour scheme, the details and naturally the great interiour! I'm interested in buying its and the RZ-2b's LDD-file. Is PayPal ok? BG
  6. [MOC] Incom Z-99 Shadowfighter

    Thanks! I should really think abot to build up one in real.
  7. [MOC] Incom Z-99 Shadowfighter

    Thank you! I´m pleased that you like my design.
  8. [LDD MOC] Rebel alliance fighter

    Hi! Great design! Would you enclose the lxf file again? Thanks!
  9. [MOC] X-83 TwinTail Starfighter

    Hi! Great MOC! I love the designs of your X-83 Twin Tail and your CF-9 Crossfire! Would you share the LDD´s? I really would like to complete my fleet with these great ships. Thanks and have a nice day!
  10. CF9 Crossfire starfighter

    Hi! Great MOC. Would you share the building instructions? Best Regards from Austria!
  11. [LDD MOC] Teardrop

    Hi! Great MOC! Would you update the lxf link please!!!
  12. [MOC] Incom Z-99 Shadowfighter

    Not really a Story. I tried to combine the characteristics of my favourite Lego ships in one self designed starfighter: the cockpit of the Z-95 the X-wings of the T-65 the wing form of the TIE-Interceptor. As the main aspects of this fighter descend from Incom fighters, it was logical to me, that it should also get an Incom name.
  13. [MOC] Incom Z-99 Shadowfighter

    Thank you. I´m not holding onto the colour. Here´s in red-white. In my mind it works better in black-white, but that´s a matter of taste.
  14. Hi! This is my first attempt with the Lego Digital Designer. The Z-99 is an advancement of the Z-95 with X-Wings which remind to the wing form of the TIE-Interceptor. Hope it finds some likes from you. Best Regards from Austria!
  15. [LDD MOC] Mandalorian heavy fighter

    Hi! A really great design! Could you send me the lxf file? The link doesn´t work. Best Regards!