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  1. brickblues

    Alternative train wheel set with ball bearings

    Nice work there and great to hear it is rolling smoothly! 😉 Is everybody using those 2mm x 5mm x 2.5mm ball bearings? I would appreciate a link to a decent seller for both bearings and rods...
  2. Your micro-builds are awesome!! Great job catching the original architectural expression... The first one is my favorite, being in this micro scale, it's fully recognizable. I would have nothing to add! Well done!!!
  3. brickblues

    Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    All train mocs of yours are so beautiful and detailed! Enjoyed browsing through your flickr! And the layout is pretty damn good as well, is that your local club's? So well done!!
  4. Ok. It's finally announced and it looks cute, but including NONE of the straight tracks... that's poor. I just don't get TLG and their politics with those straights.
  5. brickblues

    MOC: Modular corner building

    Nice job Brickenberg!! I like the color scheme you used very much, and the façade detailing is beutiful! Very European! The Casino function is quite debatable and imho, Lego would never support this for various reasons. But still, liberty to play and build, gives us opportunity to imagine our modular neighborhoods as we like. And some of them would need a Casino for sure! Maybe you could have think of more subtle and less direct "message", something like Lego came up with when introducing "money laundering" in The Brick Bank...which is informative and educational.
  6. brickblues

    2016 Lego trains

    This set's build and aesthetics are totally in accordance with other Winter Village sets, but I think this definitely isn't what afol community, along with myself, was hoping for. I'd wish the set with more pieces and more realistic look. Loco and tender somewhat seem like an improved version of 10173 Holiday Train, with more details and better coloring, however, cars look small and too toyish imho. I love Lego trains and will be probably getting it, but a wish for an serious advanced model remains...
  7. brickblues

    [HELP] alternative wheels

    Well done! Sweet holiday train in the end! Considering you used only spare parts you had around, I think it came out quite nice - minifigures are enjoying themselves, anyway! Happy new year to all!
  8. brickblues

    Animal Costumed Characters

    Piggy guy would be my favorite! Like the pink color, so playful :))
  9. brickblues

    Season's Greetings, and Merry Christmas!

    I am so happy this year got me out of dark ages, and even more - found this great forum and fell in love with lego trains!! Merry Christmas everybody, enjoy the holidays! !
  10. brickblues

    MOC: 1:33 Hohenzollern Oberhausen 0-6-0T with PF

    Beutiful engine and great build!! Congratulations and Merry Christmas! :-)
  11. brickblues

    [MOC] Her Majesty's Theatre, London

    Your work is marvelous. This is art! Congratulations, I am amazed!!