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  1. Legocitycustoms

    2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Ow man, I hated the Ford Fiesta WRC 75885 at first glance, that nose ! But the back of the box shows the nose without the lights making it much,much smoother.
  2. Legocitycustoms

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I don't like what LEGO City is doing, I mean Arctic is not City, Mountains, swamps,mines are not City. I find myself buying more Creator sets then City sets. My favorite theme is City, but I just feel left out the last years.
  3. Legocitycustoms

    Small flowerpot

    I didn't even noticed it until I've read your comment. It's new to me too, simple but effective.
  4. Legocitycustoms

    [MOC] Alternate models from LEGO City 60150 Pizza Van set

    And to think I didn't bought this set because it looked boring to me.... Great mocs, makes me want to buy this set now, lol.
  5. Legocitycustoms

    [MOC] Classic muscle car

    You get no comments cause people are speechless... Great minifig rides you build.
  6. Legocitycustoms

    Rat Rod

    Thank you, cheers !
  7. Legocitycustoms

    [OL - FB] The 114-gun Ship-of-the-Line 'Royal Philip'

    Nice, fun fact: I've been playing Sid Meiers Pirates again since last weekend.
  8. Legocitycustoms

    Small space-interceptor

    Yes, this is star wars to me, I wish Lego microfighters where more like this. Great build and inspiration.
  9. Legocitycustoms

    [MOC] UCS Colonial Viper MkII

  10. Legocitycustoms

    It's yellow

    Thank you, I like to build using the motto: Keep it simple and less is more.
  11. Legocitycustoms

    What if there was an M:tron-II

    I'm still building old space stuff: Them good old days...
  12. Legocitycustoms

    A pair of darts

    I love it, the technic stuff and the striping, awesome.
  13. Legocitycustoms

    It's yellow

  14. Legocitycustoms

    How Bala-Tik found Han Solo

    Pictures are hugh, sorry, I'm a noob. I'll try harder next time.