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  1. [MOC] Classic muscle car

    You get no comments cause people are speechless... Great minifig rides you build.
  2. Rat Rod

    Thank you, cheers !
  3. [OL - FB] The 114-gun Ship-of-the-Line 'Royal Philip'

    Nice, fun fact: I've been playing Sid Meiers Pirates again since last weekend.
  4. Small space-interceptor

    Yes, this is star wars to me, I wish Lego microfighters where more like this. Great build and inspiration.
  5. [MOC] UCS Colonial Viper MkII

  6. The Last V8

  7. It's yellow

    Thank you, I like to build using the motto: Keep it simple and less is more.
  8. What if there was an M:tron-II

    I'm still building old space stuff: Them good old days...
  9. A pair of darts

    I love it, the technic stuff and the striping, awesome.
  10. It's yellow

  11. How Bala-Tik found Han Solo

    Pictures are hugh, sorry, I'm a noob. I'll try harder next time.
  12. How Bala-Tik found Han Solo

    Forget about Boba Fett, Bala-Tik build a droid ship using old republic parts and crossed the universe with it just to find Han. As you can see the droidship has many scanners on the front and thrusters on the wings. Scanning planets and space for months... HYPERSPACE ! Landingmode. And finaly...
  13. Volkswagen van in Minifig scale

    Nice, I love it ! I see a Dutch flag, are you from Holland ?
  14. Rat Rod

    Thank you for your reply !
  15. [MOC] Car "Lada"

    Nice, here is my version Lada di, Lada da.