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  1. wolfmanone73

    Ramen Shop - 16x16 Modular

    Great detail in a small space.
  2. wolfmanone73

    [MOC] Interiors for Cafe Corner, Market Street, and Green Grocer

    That's some amazing work. The interiors really compliment the sets.
  3. wolfmanone73

    Coal mine

    Really amazing work
  4. wolfmanone73

    [MOC] Modular Skyscraper "The Daily Stud"

    Amazing work.
  5. wolfmanone73

    [Moc] Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive L45H

    Great build.
  6. wolfmanone73

    Space 2019 (and onward...)

    Excellent work. Great story and builds.
  7. wolfmanone73

    Bloxley, an O-guage homage

    Very nice display.
  8. wolfmanone73

    [MOC] Chinese Door Gods

    Amazing work.
  9. wolfmanone73

    [MOC] 76912 Hoonicorn V2

    Excellent. I look forward to building it.
  10. wolfmanone73

    [MOC] 76918 Caparo T1

    Very nice build
  11. wolfmanone73

    [MOC] 76912 Chevy C10 70'

    Excellent. I look forward to building it.
  12. wolfmanone73

    [MOC] 76915 Mclaren 720

    Another great build
  13. wolfmanone73

    Aircraft - TL-2000 Sting S4

    Nice plane. Great job.