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  1. AViewToALego

    Pirate sets you would like to see

    I wish they bring back the Islanders! They need a third faction to maintain keep the balance between the Imperials and the Pirates!
  2. Please don't give TLG any ideas on how to cancel this gorgeous vessel...
  3. AViewToALego

    Period Imperial Heads

    I like to use the Johnny Thunder heads (3626bpa3) because they are usually very very cheap and easy to aquire on bricklink.
  4. Hello all you brickers out there! This thread is dedicated to sets that later on in your life had a strong emotional impact on you. It could be nostalgia, it could be the sheer joy of opening a new MISB-set for christmas or anything of that nature. In this topic we indulge ourself in the sentimentality with these sets. Let me start! When i grew up in the 90's, every now and then me and my mother went to our local McDonalds. It was the time when they still had those blueish iron chairs and you would usually get polybags in Happy Meals and occationally get LEGO. In 1994 or 1995, I don't remember exactly, I got the 1649-1, the Sea Skimmer. Strange, because when I look it up, it was released in 1989, but no, this was in the 90's! This set makes me emotionally fragile, it's a combination of the fact that it's so darn cute but also the innocence of it. The child-me building this small little set with my fry-greased fingers, completely lost in time and space with my mother. An era that will never return. Sure, I'm completely in love with 6271 or Eldorado Fortress or Imperial Outpost but nothing compares to this cutie. Just look at it. Isn't she a beauty? Now what sets makes you emotional? Share with us!
  5. AViewToALego

    Black Seas Barracuda find

    I have ironed my sails I don't know how many times, and never had any issue about them being damaged. If you are worried about it, just wet them and then let them dry flat sticked on a surface. That worked out well for me. Don't know how to fix stains, though. I even have some mold on my old Barracuda sails. I just let people assume it's "battle damage" or something, lol. Anyway, nice find. I'm sure you will enjoy these beautiful ladies!!
  6. AViewToALego

    Is it worth it to get into 9V trains now?

    Yes, yes and yes! The 9V system is very "analog" in that sense, which is quite the charm, but it's not without issues as you said. I'm torn about this, it's hard to decide. My Metroliner (who is not a baby anymore) could function just as well on plastic rails, which are cheaper and easier to aquire, won't get dusty or rusty that makes the train set stutter on the tracks. But personally I like the "unpredictability" of the 9V system. There are pro's and con's you have to weight against each other to find your optimal solution. It's a personal choice and there are no rights and no wrongs, just different taste.
  7. AViewToALego

    New story to The fortress :)

    Gnnngggh!! I thought I was clever when I came up with the idea of having 1x1 round blue plates as water, but trans-lightblue looks even better. And now I've finally solved the mystery as to why the red epaulettes have skyrocketed in price.
  8. AViewToALego

    Piratestuff form BillytheKid

    Ah, yes! Words cannot describe how much I love this ship. Through the years I have aquired 3 of these (I had to brag a little!) because on a dark rainy windy autumn evening, building one of these is THE way to revisit lost years. I like the way you tiled the deck. Presumably these are a mixture of Reddish Brown and Brown tile pieces? It looks great. And you added a compass, which is something it missed from the start. I always felt the ship locked the best with the sails angled a bit to port (like on the box art). Nice to hear you had a good result with the hydrogen perxide, from what I can see it looks perfect, like new. In the end, 6271 is still my favorite, but the Clipper is not far behind. Also, the clipper has an anchor, which the Imperial Flagship is missing.
  9. Yes, I see where you're coming from. The thing is, we're so used to the prefab hull pieces that we're sorta confused when TLG choose another direction. It boils down to nostalgia. For example, everytime I see the blue fore/aft hullpieces on my Armada Flagship, it bring back so many memories of the early innocent years of childhood. So everytime they come up with a revamped 6x4 flag or new sails or different colored epaulettes or what have you, it's an instant win for me.
  10. The yellow shield with the raven-emblem, was an instant love affair for me. I managed to acquire 5 of the knights from my local store, but I will definitely look around for more. Couldn't find any Vikings though, but I managed to find the Pirate. She has a really nice torso and you get two swords and an extra plume.
  11. Not a fan of the brick-built sails and the steering wheel. And only tree minifigures is a bit on the short side. But... there's something about her that pulls me in. It's nice to have a ship that is a bit smaller, like the 6271 (another favorite of mine). And this set is great for fooling around with the pieces to come up with something interesting. It's a good "starter-kit" for MOCs. The alternative builds are great! I don't think we'll get any Pirates sets in a long time from now, so I think we should be grateful for what we've got. Thank you once again, LEGO!
  12. AViewToALego


    Oh yes! Finally got the her today! And maaan, is that box HUGE! And not only is it huge, it's HEAVY! The sheer size of it really surprised me. This must definitely be the largest Pirates set to date (surpassing the 2010 Imperial Flagship and the Imperial Trading Post). The only thing I'm deeply missing, is the old box design with the openable top-lid and inner trails. The new boxes are too... "impersonal". But aside from that, this is a masterpiece. The box is beautifully designed, but at the same time makes me miss the old design. I still have the box for the original BSB from 1989. Conclusion: Worth every penny. Will propably purchase another one later.
  13. AViewToALego

    Review: 6082 Fire Breathing Fortress

    I bought this set as a child in ca. 1997 and only built it once, then dismantle it for pieces. Almost 20 years later, with the Black Knights Castle in possession, nostalgia blowing through my head and a fondness for medieval strongholds, I decided to reconstruct this set with a friend. "Steve" was right (brilliant blog, btw!), this set looks indeed better in the flesh. I can't stop starring at it. It's incredible to have it stand there on my table, finished, for the first time in almost 20 years. Talk about revisiting childhood! Fire Breathing Fortress is more of a Fortress than a castle, no portcullis, no drawbridges, but a "storage place" for a dragon and a keep built on top of that. I don't mind any "juniorization", I don't see any simplisticness as at all, to be honest. Maybe the roof, but the roof looks very nice! A creamy red color, blends in perfectly with the black and grey. And the tree branches were neatly done. One of the best Lego sets ever.
  14. AViewToALego

    [MOC] Skull's Eye Cutter

    This is really cute. Even the name forced a little smile on my face. Nice to see Steve being promoted to helmsman!
  15. AViewToALego

    Donald Trump microphone LEGO remake

    That is just pure awesomeness. Nice eyebrows! I would love to see Mr. Trump comment about that one.