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  1. belkor

    [MOC] TIE Avenger

    Very nice build
  2. belkor

    Exclusives in the UK and availability

    Also worth mentioning the big notice on the uk S@H site saying no standard deliveries to the uk at the moment. Not that they've got anything to deliver mind you. Hope that changes by 1st Jan.
  3. belkor

    [MOC] Spec Ops U-wing

    Really great build mate - congrats, it looks superb !!!
  4. belkor

    Imperial Arquitens Class Cruiser

    Nice job, look forward to the instructions
  5. Enough said already my friend. It looks exactly the same in hand - truly horrible. At least they had the good sense to go back to the original rebel pilot helmet. I'm surprised they're giving the new mold with the comic mind you - it's obviously more expensive to make than the original.
  6. Looks great, will try these mods myself
  7. Lovely! I'd certainly buy the instructions if they were available. The front profile with the tapering is fabulous.
  8. belkor

    [MOC] First Order TIE Fighter

    Hi there, Thanks for the request for the file. In my opinion there have been much better TIEs posted here since I did this (back in 2015). But here is the link to the finished version, which has slightly shortened wing pylons and an improved connection to the solar panels: Cheers Chris
  9. This is just a new colour version or my previously posted TIE Fighter. The cockpit window and hatch pieces have been taken from 75101 (and lush they are too). This week I will be shortening the wings by 1 stud (each side) and adding the front canons.
  10. belkor

    Updating Your Minifigs

    They do look awesome! FSC really cut the mustard with these parts. Do the patrol troopers arms work with the Endor biker scout?
  11. Just picked up the Batmobile from Smyths in Leeds - sweet :) Will wait for some heavy discounts before buying any of the other sets (which is my usual LEGO modus operandi anyway to be fair)
  12. belkor

    [MOC] First Order Transporter

    Looking good !!!
  13. belkor

    [MOC] First Order Transporter

    Well done mate, that looks superb. Am eager to see the finished model in bricks, but am definitely interested in getting the pdf . Awesome!
  14. belkor

    [MOC] TIE Advanced X1

    Love it! Great work with the shaping of the pylons/struts and the cockpit. Will defo buy your instructions. Thank you.
  15. Looking good sir - thank you for the post.
  16. belkor

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor - FREE INSTRUCTION

    Cool! I look forward to the instructions ?
  17. belkor

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2019 Pictures and Rumors

    Benny's Space Squad is already on back order on the S@H site - estimated 30 days before shipping. I got an order in early yesterday and am expecting mine to arrive tomorrow yippee!
  18. Don't forget that we did get sets 75002 and 75004 from the clone wars which had 501st clone troopers and pilot.
  19. Link for UK S@H. £119.99
  20. belkor

    T-70 X-WING

    Looks great from what I can tell from the existing photos! Please could you send me the LDD file? Cheers
  21. How about a Padme child birth play set, death scene & funeral procession combo pack?
  22. belkor

    Amazon Prime's The Man in the High Castle

    Am looking forward to this! Looks like they're really pushing the boat out for season 3.
  23. Isn't the dropship in that set from TCW rather than the PTs?