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  1. I have no experience with exclusive sets being sold out (in a very short period) but I do know that when I want to buy an exclusive set (GBHQ for example) I will be ordering it day one, to avoid missing out.
  2. 6ix

    What 2016 Themes/Sets Are You Most Hyped For?

    Ghostbusters HQ and the H2 Technic flag ship sets. I'm also hoping for a new Creator Expert car. And whatever surprises Lego still has in store for us.
  3. 6ix

    REVIEW: 21028 New York City

    Wow, thanks for the quick response! :-) I actually like this one better than the original. One World Trade near the Hudson is more realistic as well.
  4. 6ix

    REVIEW: 21026 Venice

    Of the three new sets, I like this one the best. It's aesthetically the most pleasing. The whole build style and color scheme go together very nicely.
  5. 6ix

    REVIEW: 21028 New York City

    Thank you for the review, Bob! Even though I'm not fond of the design of this set, I will still get it, because, hey, see my sig, so I collect the NYC Architecture sets. Any change of you modding and photographing this set to change the order of the builds in: Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, Flatiron Building, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building. This would represent how the buildings are ordered in the real NYC.
  6. Well, this is what I could find on the Ideas site: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/83913
  7. I love that piece of tape :-p
  8. I highly doubt this. Those buckets are big Lego parts. On a real BWE these are relatively small, which would mean the model, to scale it with those buckets, is going to be HUGE.
  9. 6ix

    Lego Elves 2016

    Can you post some pictures of how your sets look like after doing that?
  10. I collect all the NYC Architecture sets, but I can't say I like this one (though I will get it nonetheless, just like I did with the Flatiron Building). I'm not fond of the colors for the Chrysler Building and the two different colors for One world Trade Center. I wonder how it will look with a line-up of Statue of Liberty - One World Trade Center - Flatiron Building - Empire State Building - Chrysler Building, to reflect the approximation of the buildings in the real city.
  11. 6ix

    Cloud Cuckoo Land (set 70803) MOD

    Again, I love the background story and your sense of humor. Joey the Snail hopping into the frame... LMAO! :-D Keep these stories coming!
  12. 6ix

    [MOC] Her Majesty's Theatre, London

    This is crazy! What a fantastic build. I love the atmosphere, the colors and the lights. I'd like to buy tickets for the next show, please :-)
  13. Love it, especially the background story! :-)
  14. 6ix

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Awesome! I especially like all the functionality in this model, the different stages and how the designer has managed to include a tiny command, service and lunar module.
  15. Direct To Customer. Sets that are only sold through Shop@Home or the Lego stores.