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  1. kingmob75

    LEGO Costumes - 2016

    Yep, these aren't manufactured by LEGO, but they ARE officially licensed product. From the press release: “We are thrilled to be working with Disguise to produce official LEGO costumes. This is a great opportunity for us to enable children to truly become their favorite LEGO character and engage in their favorite LEGO play experience in a new way,” says Andrea Ryder, Senior Director, Licensing, the LEGO Group." The full press release can be found here:
  2. kingmob75

    LEGO Costumes - 2016

    Ah, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying - I was going nuts trying to find them on Disguise's site!
  3. kingmob75

    LEGO Costumes - 2016

    No, they're NOT on Disguise's site. I've searched it up and down, the only LEGO-related costumes I can find are Mixels [which look pretty cool, even though I'm not into Mixels]. If you can find them, please provide a link; in the meantime, it's probably best not to spread misinformation.
  4. kingmob75

    Review: 70413 The Brick Bounty

    Wow, not bad! I think I might just have to do that.
  5. kingmob75

    Review: 70413 The Brick Bounty

    I get where you're coming from, but we have to remove ourselves from the AFOL mindset and realize that with its suggested age range of 7-14, most of the kids that LEGO is targeting with this set were too young to have a pirate ship when Brickbeard's Bounty was released back in 2009. I look at this like the inevitable re-release of the same classic Star Wars vehicles every few years - sure, as an adult collector you probably don't need yet another Millennium Falcon, but LEGO is aiming for the kids [or adult fans] who didn't already have one. I agree that it'd be NICE to get a bit of variety [i really wish we were getting a 'wave 2' of this most recent Classic Pirate line], but I imagine LEGO is probably only going to release a new traditional Pirate Ship every 5-7 years at this point, and every time they do it will likely be yet another reiteration of the classic Black Seas Barracuda / Brickbeard's Bounty / Brick Bounty style of Pirate Ship. Unfortunately the demand for LEGO Pirate just isn't there beyond the relatively small group of adult fans... certainly not enough to warrant them pandering to us by making new and different ship designs to complement the Brick Bounty every few years. LEGO knows what will sell, and it's a ship like the Brick Bounty, with its iconic Red & Black sails with Jolly Roger, complete with classic Pirate Captain. All we can hope to do as AFOLs is... CUSTOMIZE! I'm already considering picking up another Brick Bounty and turning it into an Imperial ship. Now, I do wish that they'd do a reissue or a new version of the 2010 Imperial Flagship set since the existing one is so ridiculously expensive, but I just don't see that happening anytime soon either. :(
  6. kingmob75

    Metalbeard Halloween Costume 2014

    Wow, this is awesome! Well done, good sir.
  7. kingmob75

    [MOC] Colonial Viper Mk. II

    Holy smokes, that's fantastic! Have you thought about putting this up on LEGO Ideas? I would back it in a second! Not sure how you feel about mixing other brick brands in with your MOCs, but Kre-O made a helmet that is a dead ringer for the Helmets worn by the pilots in the classic BSG:
  8. kingmob75

    [MOC] SD Gundam Rx78-2

    Wow, these are fantastic! Love the Beam Saber.
  9. kingmob75

    LEGO Costumes - 2016

    I am very excited to see what sort of costumes this will yield - I'm hoping for a Classic Spaceman and a Pirate Captain! To be fair to Disguise, it could be argued that Ninja have been popular in the US since the early to mid 80s, and that the concept of multi-colored Ninja characters in American Pop Culture dates back to around the same era, specifically with G.I. Joe [snake Eyes = Black, Storm Shadow = White, Jinx = Red, Cobra Ninja Viper = Teal, etc], or for a more recent example, Power Rangers. PR has done the multi-colored team of Ninja-esque warriors shtick in Japan for 40 years now, but they even specifically featured actual multi-colored Ninja characters in the US, about 20 years ago to be precise, with the Ninja Rangers in the third season of the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series [which itself used elements from the 1994 Japanese Super Sentai series Ninja Sentai Kakuranger]. TL;DR Version - it's a bit unfair to accuse Disguise of ripping off Ninjago when the precedent for Multi-Colored Ninja was set long before Ninjago's existence. If you want to accuse anyone of anything, how about calling LEGO out on ripping off Power Rangers? Those would all be great! Or how about the new Monsters CMF characters [considering that they're a Halloween company and all]?
  10. kingmob75

    Review: 70413 The Brick Bounty

    I recently built this set - my first ever LEGO Pirate Ship - and I LOVE it! I made a few modifications [Added 2 more Cannons, added a second Door to the Captain's Quarters], filled it with a 14-man crew created withLEGO Pirates minifigs from 1989 to today, customized the Captain [he uses the CMF Torso with Brickbeard's Head and the new Redbeard's Bicorn Hat], added a Monkey [this should have come with one] and plan to add a black-n-white tiled floor to the Cabin. Longer term plans include buying ANOTHER one of this set to extend the hull and add another sail.