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    Just came out of the Dark Age

    Hello and welcome to Eurobricks ! Your interest in Technic and EV3 could lead you towards the Technic Forum or to the Mindstorms and Robotics Forum. Enjoy your stay with us !
  2. Faladrin

    [GoC] 14 Gun Brig HMS Ymir

    That's a great brig. The rigging and sails are perfect for this scale and really fit the Brig aspect ! Congrats on that ! Just a question : Are the sails fonctionnal ? can you furl them for real with that rigging or not ? The shape of the hull is good and shows enough curves to it. Good job ! All in all it's an excellent ship !
  3. OK ! no problem ! I can't wait to see your next build then...
  4. Faladrin

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    With no theme set, it's easier to write the rules and then apply a theme for a short scenario after having built the general game mechanics. If you want to stay to Heroica style RPG and keep a character it's still a possibility you play a Time or Theme traveller. In LEGO it's frequent to see such themes and it eases the character build. For example, be inspired by some good old "Valerian et Laureline" comic books (The books, not the outrageous film Besson made...) you can totally have a Sci Fi Pilot associated with a Medieval Rogue Girl and see them trevelling through time... We can even, as it's LEGO, go to something like The Lego Movie or to the Videogame "Lego Universe" too ! That's what is really convenient with our dear bricks... Themes can intertwine easily !
  5. Faladrin

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Thank you for your welcome. I was thinking at some General RPG rules like The Basic RPG rules you can find in Chaosium or something similar where you've got the possibility of using the XP and advantages you've got from the former character you played to create a new one. Well it seems insane and crazy in the term of characters but it is using a Player acount as the receiver of the XP and then he can use this XP for other characters in other worlds. Of course, if I understand you it's not really the objective here. After all, a big mash up of themes is always hard to build and make cohesive.
  6. Faladrin

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Hello guys ! I see you're on your way to create and build a new version of Heroica the RPG ! That's great ! I'm new in this section but I followed from time to time the game and found it very good. Being a rolist myself I would be more than interested to participate in this new version. Particularly if there is the possibility of variations in the universe. If you're going to revive this game why not trying to make some polyvalent "General Rules" and then use them in many situations using all our beloved LEGO themes ! That would lead to Pirates treasure chases ! Medieval dongeons to explore ! Adventurers pyramids discoveries and of course Sci Fi out of space adventures ! Like that, every GM could use this base to create a storyline, and the players could have XP and Gold to pass to each character from a theme to another !
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    That's nice of you but I am more attach to those parts from a sentimental perspective point of view, and would never sold them. I know that even damaged pieces could be sold to some collectors. I pass on that. Thank you.
  8. Faladrin

    28 years later....

    Welcome aboard ! You seem to have great old sets from the best LEGO era ever ! (in particular the great beginning of the Pirates theme ! )
  9. Now I take time to comment on your beautiful ship ! I first remark the great use of the stallion special piece as figurehead and found that brillliant ! Then the rest of the ship is greatly designed with good curves and the rigging is sober but well rendered. The stern is nice and I really like you added the golden microfigs around the window, it gives the ship even more personnality ! So congrats; it deserved a frontpage and now it is done !
  10. Eurobrick member TomSkippy recently participated in the Pilot's Association Racing Cup with his Spirit of Sir Edward. Sail on over right now to see if this fast sloop has taken the cup in the Brethren of The Brick Seas, a subforum in the LEGO Pirates Forum !
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    Main of these sets were from my uncle childhood, so they are not in the best condition. He played with them and then me and my siblings played with them too. So the sets accused severe play damages unfortunately. My bad, if I were aware of their value, I would have been more careful... I still keep the 4.5v train from the 60's in correct condition but it needed some repairs on the cables...
  12. Faladrin

    Hello from the Netherlands

    A great build ! Nice to meet you ! Welcome ! Of course the LEGO Historic forum could be for you but if you're looking at some very hard castle builds I can encourage to rush yourself in the Guild Of Historica subforum too !
  13. Faladrin


    Welcome ! Seriously ! This set is one of the first set I ever had from my uncle ! I still have the city circulation signs in quite good condition even if the printed bricks tend to be altered. On this time printing was not the best that TLG could produce... Do your printed bricks are in good condition ?
  14. Faladrin

    Back after a bit of a hiatus

    Hello and welcome back ! Good to see you around !
  15. Faladrin


    Hello and welcome Steven ! Nice to meet you.
  16. Faladrin

    So here I go...

    Welcome to Eurobricks ! Nice to see your first jump in a forum here with us !
  17. Faladrin

    New guy from US

    Hello and welcome. You could be interested in the Technic Forum here in Eurobricks.
  18. Faladrin

    Oh hello there.

    Hello and welcome aboard !
  19. Faladrin

    [Mystery Island 13] A Surprise Reward

    Hahaha ! Funny build with the Doctor ! You succeed in imitating so much Professor Thaum I carefully looked at who was writing this story ! A great conclusion for this collaboration. Unfortunately I didn't had the time to participate...
  20. Faladrin

    Challenge III: Cat. A: King Or Puppet?

    Another amazing build from you ! Your floor is killer ! What a Mozaic ! Excellent job !
  21. Very impressive build ! This wall is big and its main frame is made from plates ! I would never have the patience to have such a wall ! Bravo sir ! hats off ! An excellent job !
  22. Faladrin

    Wyvernstone Village

    Wow ! I want a village like that ! Excellent builds all around with so much activy and so much details ! Amazing !
  23. Faladrin

    Morty's Traveling Puppetry

    Very good build ! The wagon is greatly done and the fact that can hide the puppets theatre is nice ! Great job !
  24. Very impressive for a first MOC in the Guilds ! I really like the mix between flora and the ice the deer is bringing behind him. A great job ! Welcome and brick on !
  25. Faladrin

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Windmill

    A nice windmill ! Good to see it in use like in the Nederlands to pump water. not a common use. Good job !