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  1. Brick-Surfer

    Building the modulars on road plates.

    Still not sure why you are intending to build the modulars onto the actual road plate? Are you lacking space? As you are planning a town style layout go for a practical approach. The sidewalks of the modulars are usually small enough – especially if you want to integrate something like a bus stop, parking spots, some greenery or whatever … IMHO there is no better space for such things as on the 6 stud wide stripe on the edge of the road plates. That’s probably the reason most modular layouts are made like this – as you already figured out in your initial post ;) That’s how I’ve done it
  2. Brick-Surfer

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    It’s really curious that your original sketch looks similar to my table. In general I wanted to make as little compromises as possible. My main focus lied on visibility and quality. So the biggest compromise was the price I had to pay for it … But c’mon it’s a once in a lifetime project. ;)
  3. Brick-Surfer

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    I like Star Wars and love the MF, but I'm not fan enough to see the difference between the different types of stormtroopers. ;) When I ordered them I looked for two things: 1. they had to be affordable and 2. they had to be available in a bigger amount (+15) ;) You can remove all glass segments, but usually I only remove the one on top to recharge the two power banks (one in the MF, one in the hangar) that are placed within the display. Someday I’ll have to find a smart way to place them below the model so I can activate and recharge them more easily.
  4. Brick-Surfer

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Just finished my hangar-MOC for the falcon placed in a coffee table. Mainly I got inspired by the MOC’s of Lysander and jmfbtb and created a version of my own. So far I haven’t seen a hangar built completley in black. But to me it comes closest to the original movie scene. I also wanted to light the hangar like in the movie. The coffee table is custom-made for the MOC. All 4 sides and the top are made of glass. More pics here
  5. Brick-Surfer

    MOC: First class lounge - Terminal 1 - Idlebrick Airport

    Fantastic work! Please create an entire airport in your unique style
  6. Brick-Surfer

    Download instructions

    Yes, I know at the time those files were upload the quality was state of the art. But it's 2016 now and not 2001 ... There is such a vibrant AFOL community - as you can see on eurobricks - that I don't understand why nobody is replacing these "ancient" files by new ones ... I also tried to create my own instructions with LDD but quit the attempt after the first view steps since many "basic" parts where missing ...
  7. Brick-Surfer

    Download instructions

    Without any doubt there are many websites (more or less trustworthy) that provide old instructions. But what drives me nuts is the horrible quality of the provided files. No matter what you are looking for in (at least) 80% the resolution of the PDF and/or JPEG is absolutely crap. Most of the files are hardly recognizable on a screen, but completely useless as a printout … Can someone recommend a reliable source for old instructions (mid 1980s - mid 1990s) in a “proper” resolution? It can’t be that difficult to scan an original instruction … Or is it for legal reasons that nobody dares to upload them in high-res? It could also be that easy for TLG to provide those instructions on their common instructions site – as they do it with the latest instructions.
  8. Brick-Surfer

    76023: The Tumbler Discussion

    Can this be true? Tumbler just retired silently? No controversial discussion? No complaining? No grief?
  9. Brick-Surfer

    How do you display your modular building collection?

    One day I’d like to have one huge shelf unit that can accommodate all my modulars and MOCs. It should have at least three case boards on top of each other to display the models. One case board should also be able to carry (min) six modulars (32 studs) next to each other – so they preserve their street character. To prevent the models from dust it should also have glass doors. And it should also be able to carry MOCs on 48x48 base plates … If I find the time I make a draft and post it … Has anybody something similar?
  10. Brick-Surfer

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Does anybody know the reason or have a good explanation why LEGO switched the (alleged) release dates? Or do they spread those rumors (fake dates) by themselves just to see how people react and to demonstrate that there are no leaks within the company when it comes to important sets?
  11. Brick-Surfer

    75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Discussion

    Is it actually save/confirmed that there will be a GBHQ at all? I mean, a couple of days ago everyone relied on the apparently reliable sources who claimed the set will be released in Jan 16 – and now …
  12. Brick-Surfer

    10251 Brick Bank

    In my opinion it is the best looking modular in years. I fear I`m also one of the few who likes the white color scheme more than the tan one. Although I love all kinds of tan bricks, in combination with the grey ground floor – IMHO – it matches in no way. Probably it is a bit smaller than the previous modulars but at least it is no architectural eyesore … The only thing that could have been solved better are the LEGO imprints on the gold bar bricks that are used (in grey) as cladding for the ground floor. With a clean look they would probably become one of my favorite bricks …
  13. Brick-Surfer

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Are the sets mentioned by Klaus-Dieter really all new CITY sets? What about the construction (sub)theme? Is it likely that there will be some new sets too?