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  1. Sir Wolf

    Hoth mini-diorama

    Thanks! :D Oh whoops. I meant to link to my album, but by mistake linked to the photo. Here is the gallery with more details
  2. Sir Wolf

    Hoth mini-diorama

    I got an inspiration last weekend, and decided to build a mini diorama of the Hoth rebel trenches on a 16x16 base. Once that was ready, I felt I had more in me. This was the result (the pictures are not that good, unfortunately)
  3. I really like the new ninjago dragons, the one with brick-built heads, and try to collect them all. But there wasn't any cool dragon for Cole (the tiny one doesn't count ). So I decided to update the old set from 2011. Here is a link to the mod page, with instructions. Anyway LMK what you think, I built the thing in real bricks and then made the design in LDD. Do you also want to see pictures of the real thing? I don't have all the right colors, so it won't look quite as nice...
  4. You had my hopes up for a while there. I thinks it's a good decision. Maybe we can later make a multi-set contest Anyways, I'll need to re-think it. I really like the 10k limit, but I don't have any ideas on what to build yet... **puts on thinking cap**
  5. Back to the old drawing board, then.. I had planned on having the A model be 2 vehicles, and the B model a robot or a combo vehicle, but now hmm got to think something else.
  6. Nice! I also stsrted on a motor grader, but in a different scale. I really like the look of it!
  7. I'm wondering if I can build a multipart set similar to 42023, with multiple things. If allowed, how should I calculate the volume, sum of the individual parts or just line them all up and then calculate the box they occupy? I thought it best to ask before I move onwards with my plans, rather than get a nasty disqualification at reveal time. I have already started, but not so far yet as to no be able to reverse direction, or even start over.
  8. Very interesting topic. I think I like it! I like the A-B theme plus the volume limit Just to be clear, are pull back motors classed as PF? It's not electronics, and not listed on the page, but was neither explicitly forbidden nor approved (like pneumatics).
  9. Great contest! Congrats to the winners! I was amazed by the number of votes and points I got, thank you all who voted for me! I entered for the love of cranes, didn't think I'd score any points, but yay! I had loads of fun making my crane. I actually modified it a bit, and now it's sitting there... One fun thing I noticed is that entries 1, 5, 13 and 14 ranked with their entry numbers! How's that for a coincidence!?
  10. Also, it can be an everyday device like Braigo, a Braille printer built with the ev3:
  11. As MajorAlvega says put ev3dev on it, and then start programming bots in your favourite language. I suggest you first choose one of the official models and try to replicate the sample programs that they show you how to code in the limited Lego programming language. That way you have clear goals, and something to aim for. I did this, and really learned a lot about programming it. I chose the track3r model and the missions that came with it. It was loads of fun. Now I'm looking at developing an autonomous sumo bot! Since you're a java developer, you might enjoy lejos more, but ev3dev is more flexible IMO, also someone started a java port for it: As for programming a bot with a single motor function, you can go further. You can get non-lego sensors at they have very interesting sensors that will allow you to explore more complex robotic topics like SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping). Maybe hook up a video cam on it and you have a mobile sentry robot ;)
  12. Sir Wolf

    [HELP] Video Editing

    I just use the YouTube editor, it's pretty basic, but so are my editing skills. The only thing it didn't let me do, was create scrolling text (yes it will easily and happily rotate video). I do like how it comes with built in music search, which you can simply add to your video. All in all I was happy, it allowed me to do my editing on a simple laptop.
  13. Ah, that explains why I can't see the cable :P I saw the video and I was impressed with the self-righting mechanism, very clever, well done! I also like your battery-powered hand-crank! Now that's clever! I think I'll build one for myself, to use with something. I just like the idea a lot.