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    Point Dume Residence

    Absolutely amazing and incredible! So great creation! I'm a fan!!!!
  2. flikebluck

    [MOC] city flikebluck

    Hi, thanks for your words, it's cool! I updated my flickr with the LDD next project: train station and hospital https://www.flickr.com/photos/128661225@N02/
  3. flikebluck

    MOC: Grand Prix Auto Services

    So great creation, just amazing! Usually I'm not an fan of 30's-50's build style but you reconcile me with!
  4. flikebluck

    [MOC] city flikebluck

    Thanks a lot lightningtiger and sens1992! Yes I have enough fire trucks and certainly not enough parking bay for all moc fire truck I want to create... You can see the fire station finished --> https://www.flickr.com/photos/128661225@N02/ 1st floor, collective shower, fire ustensil storage 2nd floor with operationnal call center, fire station chief's office and briefing room 3rd floor, tv area, kitchen, dinning area, bedroom and bathroomrepose area! ;)
  5. flikebluck

    [MOC] city flikebluck

    Thank you Bricksmcgee
  6. flikebluck

    [MOC] city flikebluck

    Wwooaaauhh!!! Your city is just amazing LegoSjaak, I like it really! So good idea for the downtown place! Since I played Lego child time, I have always wanted a big fire station. Young, I built a fire station with many box for my fire-vehicles but it was very elementary. Bricklink, LDD, salary are now my best friend!!! Enjoy your life with Lego
  7. flikebluck

    [MOC] city flikebluck

    Thank you Withacee! Yes I hope to finish the fire station this weekend, but it's depend the poland's post effectiveness. Enjoy your life with Lego
  8. flikebluck

    [MOC] city flikebluck

    Hello everybody! I'm a new french AFOL. Lego take part during all my children and teenage and for 1 year, I made my come back! You can see my town and my project to the following FLIKR link: https://www.flickr.c...s/128661225@N02 I'm waiting the last part of bricklink command to finish my moc fire station issued to the lego set 60004. You can see already 7 box for fire truck and it will have 3 floors: first floor is for ustensil stock and shower (I need to work again on this floor), 2nd floor for operationnal center with the call center, the chief's office and a briefing room. 3rd floor is for life with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and TV area. On the roof of garage, you have an helicopter plateform with a refeuling station and water tank for anti fire crash. It's a begining, for the next update, it will have a fitness room, a terrasse with barbecue, jaccuzi and a general detailled items update. the next project is the moc hospital but only the first floor have been created on LDD. It will be a modern design, 3 floors on 2 baseplates 32x32. Emergency ambulance garage, emergency call center, emergency examination room, operating theatre, scanner, radio and irm room, patient room and on the roof, anonther helicopter plateform. Please, I'm open to read your comments ;) Enjoy your life with Lego Flikebluck