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  1. I just realised (was jumping through the Posts) that 1963maniac did the instructions, right. Of course all thats been said applys to 1963maniac as well. I find it very important in such a case to thank you guys as this is not to be taken for granted.
  2. Dear Attika! I'd like to thank you for your incredible Design and Instructons. I really have no idea how much work it is to such a thing but I'm sure it is not done in a minute. I'm really looking forward to build this model one day an will think of you during the build. Wish you all the best for the future, a merry Christmas and a happy new Year. Your Fellow AFOL Christian
  3. Sure your right. But TLG not always think that way.
  4. How about an John Deere 9520rx quad track. The combinaton ob the big new an older smaler sprockets would fit. What you think
  5. Hey looks great. Heavy and Sturdy. I liked the "Cave Expedition" in your Video very much.
  6. I will shoot a short Movie soon! Sadly i dont't have one handy right now, but will give it a try. For now it is more a Crawler then a Formula Racer But i fear one L will not be enough. The Model is quite heavy. Thank you for your kind words!
  7. Hi Everyone! Here's my first MOD/MOC. The 42037 Formula Off Roader in an RC Version. Powered by an XL-Motor with standard BatteryBox an use of the SBrick to control it. Trying to get close to the Original one. Front Axle nearly 100% original Design SBrick in between Driver Seat and Fake Engine wich is sadly not working XL-Motor in the back of Driver Seat. Hope you like it!
  8. show that go... da.... xyxuurkdfff. I wanna see....
  9. Happy studded Day today . If you could only add an studded Union Jack on top...
  10. Welcome and superp model! It looks as fast i asume it is
  11. Ok, you got me on Racers to have a transmission But comming back to dense vs. hollow. Its quite easy. TLG has a max. part number for hitting a specific Pricerange. Now the Desingner can decide wether to make a smaller but more dense model vs. a much bigger but more hollow Version which they can cover with all the big "Hull" Parts. Sometimes they will go for the first some for the latter decission.
  12. What do you mean? It's a F1 Racer. Which function do you expect? A winch? It's always a personal view on the both. I have neither but you also can compare like 8851 and 8043 so which one is cooler here? For me 8851 has a lot of nostalgia for me but 8043 is way much cooler. couldn't agree more
  13. Hi, just bought me a copy 2 weeks ago and have the same Sticker issue. As i don't like it in this way so much, any proposal on how to get rid of that broken Stickers easy?