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    My interests are to one day build a model railroad layout with my Lego collection. I have been collecting Town sets since 1985 and Train sets since 1992 when Lego released the 9V System. My career ambition is to become a designer for the Lego Company. I have been pursuing this goal since I graduated from college in 2000.


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  1. MatthewUSA

    Review: 8403 Family Home

    Thank you so very much for this review. This set looks like a great addition to any City/Town layout. Definitely a set I would add to my collection and possibly MOC. I can't wait for this set to arrive to the US. I am happy to see TLG finally released a set that reflects the bygone "Town" days. A time when TLG made homes and cottages for the theme. I hope TLG keeps this trend alive in the years to come. Model On!!
  2. MatthewUSA

    Review: 8404 Public Transport

    Thank you so very much for the review. This set looks AWESOME! I can't wait for it to arrive to the US. I am definitely buying this set. Model On!!
  3. MatthewUSA

    Ideas for trains in 2011

    I would certainly agree. More accessories like freight cars, passenger cars, maintenance cars / vehicles, etc... would be awesome to see for 2011. I really hope TLG expands further on the Train line. I know this theme could be a bigger success if they just market and expand on it, especially here in the USA. The new items look AWESOME! I hope they keep it up for the coming years. Model On!
  4. MatthewUSA

    City 2010

    I can't wait for the release of the TRU Exclusive truck. This will make a great addition to my layout along with the 3221 set. The parts in blue are especially awesome! TLG has done an awesome job this year regarding City. I am very happy to see them create sets that reflect the sets from bygone years (1985 - 1996). I have been waiting a long time for Lego to get back to their roots of "Town". WAY TO GO LEGO!! KEEP IT UP! Model On!!
  5. MatthewUSA

    MOC: Train Station

    AWESOME MOC!! The building is excellent and your design on the signal is too. Great use of the PF & gearing. Model On!!
  6. MatthewUSA

    MOC: City Truck

    This is a great MOC using the parts from the Space Police set. The yellow cargo area on that set definitely looked like a box cab unit. Great job using that idea into your MOC. Model On!!
  7. MatthewUSA

    MOC: Police Headquarter

    This is definitely an AWESOME MOC!! I love the look of the building and all the details you have added. You have done an excellent job. Model On!!
  8. MatthewUSA

    A Modular Building

    Athos, your MOC is looking good. Certainly looks like a building you would see in Downtown USA. Definitely keep us posted on the progress. Model On!!
  9. MatthewUSA

    Modular Building 10211 Grand Emporium

    Thank you legomilk for this news. I can't wait to see the pics of this set. I am sure this set will not disappoint since Lego has been doing an excellent job with these modular building sets. Model On!!
  10. MatthewUSA

    MOC: Third fire brigade

    Your MOC's are great! I particularly like the Hummer-looking vehicle and the way your support truck stores the ladders. Overall, they all are GREAT. Model On!!
  11. MatthewUSA

    Building Lego Train Track

    I will agree, this is a great topic that I have not given much thought to. The vote was certainly a difficult one, I actually had to think :) . Both concepts definitely have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the parts type is certainly the "feel" of building the track bed from ties to rails. Unfortunetly this type really did not stay together when you accidently moved it. My vote went to the prefab due to the fact that they "snap" together and stay together even when you move it. You can still create a track bed with these which is nice. Another advantage to the prefab is the 2 extra ties they added to the curve track. This definitely adds to the realism of the part. The disadvantage would be the building "feel". With prefab, you certainly cannot create the track cars you see on the MOW trains. They look a little strange. One cool thing you can do though is use the part type rails for these railcars. This will make them look realistic, plus you can create a unique maintenance scene using the parts type. Nice to know you can use both in a layout. Model On!!
  12. MatthewUSA

    MOC: 6 Wide Pickup Truck

    Very well done legomaniac83 on this truck. I really like the design & shape of the truck. Very cool MOC, Great Job! Model On!!
  13. MatthewUSA

    MOC: M.O.W. Speeder

    Very good work Tinn-man. I think the work you did looks very well done. Your MOC is a nice change from the posts of locomotives. Well done! Model On!!
  14. MatthewUSA

    REVIEW: 7213 Fire Truck with Boat

    Thank you for the review. Great Job!! I wanted to mention for those of you members that live in the USA that Target stores have these sets in stock. The box mentions that this set is a Special Edition in the states. My guess would be that this is a Target exclusive. So for those of you US residents, Target stores may be the only department store that will carry this set. Thought I would mention this, sorry if this has been mentioned already. Model On!!
  15. MatthewUSA

    MOC: Skidder

    What an AWESOME job you did on this MOC. I really like the tread design. This would look excellent for a D9 or D11 model. This MOC definitely deserves two . Model On!!