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  1. Nice work Your price for the instructions is very correct, I made the instructions myself for a 5000 parts model and it took me longer to do the instructions than to design it. Being a very successful and unique model, I consider that people who really want it will buy it anyway, having a model like this in their collection and in a very limited edition makes it really valuable. I much prefer to make successful MOC than to build a model already available at any store. I buy most sets to fill my inventory with pieces.
  2. Instruction are already released: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-54777/Wguarnere/volvo-g970-motor-grader/#details
  3. I don't know exactly how is it called, but i know why he use this system: "When the motor grader is in the crab mode, the front axle is no longer running perpendicular to the direction of travel. This places one front tire slightly ahead of the other and allows one tire to be on top of a corrugation while the other is in the bottom. As the tires roll up and down through the washboard, the front axle will pivot up and down keeping the front mainframe stable. "
  4. When you say the wheels, are you talking about the tires or the inside of the rim? I'm quite a perfectionist I could probably try 2-3 tips to improve them. If it's the tires you don't like, I tried to use a model closest to reality, but the dimensions are very close to Lego tractor wheels, my model is compatible with both versions . Thank you for your feedback, it's appreciated
  5. Before deciding to build my own version of a Lego Technic grader myself, I searched a lot on the internet to find the version that represented the capabilities of this construction equipment. I found a lot of models rather well built but without motorized functions and others with motorized functions but was far from the aesthetics of a real one. So I looked at how I could make one to my liking and I started by looking at what scale I had to build to be able to integrate all of the hydraulic and power functions, so I built this grader on a scale close to 1:12. I very much hope that you will enjoy my work, because I wanted to share my passion for graders with you, be it with fans of construction equipment and / or Lego. Over 4800 parts, with all the functions like a real one, in total there are more than 13 functions which have been integrated into the design, i.e. 7 functions with PF engine (Powertrain, fake engine, fake radiator with a working fan, central articulation, steering, angle of the steered wheels, rotation of the crow), 5 pneumatic functions (sliding blade, angle of the blade, lowering and raising the blade, displacement of the crown from left to right) and 1 function manual (scarifier). I am very proud of the result, the non Lego items are 2 x Buwizz, 6 x RC tires, 18 feet of pneumatic hoses, lighting, everything else is 100% Lego brand. I also made a little video to show you the different functions in motion. I made the instructions and its available on Rebrickable for those who are interested (link here https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-54777/Wguarnere/volvo-g970-motor-grader/#details)
  6. I love your compact version. is it possible to have instructions or a list of parts?
  7. Is there a chart that recommends an X number motors, with a Buwizz. How to determine the number or the size of the motors according to the weight and the gear ratio?
  8. Do you think there are going to be big discounts on the Defender for Black Friday? I wish I could buy some as a gift.
  9. I started doing MOCs since last May, and I try to make models that do not exist at all or that do not exist in a particular scale. By doing this I am stepping out of the lot of similar MOCs. The only thing is that I don't have a big track inventory so I have to design from Stud.io before going to reality
  10. wguarnere

    Hello by WGuarnere

    Hello, I introduce myself, my nickname WGuarnere from Canada, I have been on the eurobrick forum for more than 5 years without really posting any content, I mainly read on Technic, Star Wars and Moc subjects and with the pandemic I started to create models that is a little more out of the ordinary and I decided to do the instructions for some of them and available on Rebrickable.