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    [MOC] Victorian House Modular

    Wow I really like this. Great work.
  2. xtremeteamuk

    What got you into collecting Lego as an Adult?

    Luckily I had a fair bit of lego as a child which had been stored in the loft during my dark ages.. Cant remember what I was up there looking for but all the lego I could find came down and from then on I've spent loads.. Bet my missus wished I'd never have gone up there.
  3. xtremeteamuk

    Fish tank lego

    Cheers dr_spock That's why we aimed the harpoon gun into the floor. It's not my tank, I brought the minifig for my nearly 3yr old nephew.. But when I get fish I will def be adding lego to it.
  4. xtremeteamuk

    [MOC] Modular McDonald's and Loft Apartment

    This is a great moc, lots of nice details inside and out. Do feel for the poor minifig living up there tho..gotta smell
  5. xtremeteamuk

    Fish tank lego

    Well he is in the tank https://flic.kr/p/AftBTy Can't get the pic up here on my tablet
  6. xtremeteamuk

    Fish tank lego

    lol luckily these are pretty small fish but its just a deep sea diver minifig that i will be putting in there so i dont think the fish will eat him
  7. xtremeteamuk

    Fish tank lego

    Oh yeah I don't doubt that YEAH I'll Def take sosomsome photos, not down there till next weekend now so will do it then.
  8. xtremeteamuk

    Fish tank lego

    Cheers guys you've all been really helpful. Love this forum... not a single reply taking the mickey or calling me stupid for asking or saying just to Google it! like you get on other forums (not lego related ones)..good friendly advise. It's just fresh water, at a guess the tank is probably 60cm x 40 x 40. I think there is only 3 fish in it. as my nephew is only 3 he won't really care too much about what goes in the tank, but the family know my love for lego. They will probably be suprised I want to put one of my minifigures in there! Little do they know I brought a spare haha Obviously Mr deep sea diver won't stand very well so was going to leave the Base on and cover that with the stones from the tank. Again thanks for all the advise.
  9. xtremeteamuk

    Fish tank lego

    Hey guys, Just wondering if there is anything advised to maybe cover lego in if your going to put them into a fish tank? I've seen lots of photos of lego in tanks but...well I just don't wanna kill my nephews fish lol Its just be minifigure..
  10. xtremeteamuk

    Mosaic: Arrow

    Wow that's great news about him sharing it... he didn't wanna pay you loads of money for it then..... Yeah I can't imagine these are cheap to make at all. Still great job you are doing
  11. xtremeteamuk

    [MOC] Auto Garage

    Really like this moc. Lots of details. I like the fuel pumps
  12. This is by far the best thing ive seen in a long time. amazing job you have done. i really need this on mine
  13. xtremeteamuk

    Which set is the one you enjoyed building the most?

    Hmm tough question. 7153-1 JANGOS slave 1 as I was after it for some time or detectives office as it was my 1st modular... but then arkham asylum....ooh I don't know, too many great sets
  14. xtremeteamuk

    [MOC] The forgotten

    Nice little build there, IMO I think it would have looked better on a green Base maybe? Still really like it tho
  15. xtremeteamuk

    The Big Bang Theory Discussion

    Ah comic book store would be brilliant. Would be good to see that