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    Greetings one and all

    Hello peeps. Been an unregistered reader for years, but decided to get involved as I am close to changing jobs and should have more free time. I'm in the UK, currently living near Lincoln but off to Shropshire in a few months time. I came out of my dark ages in 2009, aged 24 when my wife came back from Germany with 7236 a small police car - it blossomed from there. I'm really interested in Lego City and the modulars (currently bricklinking the first three), but I can't help but be fascinated by the beauty of what can be built by Lego, so I hope to gain some cool tips and tricks to try and make my own vignettes, models, pieces of art, MOCs or whatever you want to call them. Looking forward to getting to know the community a bit better, Dessyoxo