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  1. Could be like a mix of the two, game figs where they can, and comic ones where game ones don't exist, like black panther, thanos and Hawkeye. Also, about the spiderman sets, we already know the vulture is the 2016 one, right? Unless it's just a placeholder in the preliminary catalog... Yeah, I won't hold out for much in the spiderman sets either way Edit: Also, I've heard the avengers game will have post launch content, maybe that's where thanos comes in?
  2. Wait, now this is interesting. It's not just the usual "loosely based on" thing. What if they are actually licenced from the game? Is that possible? I mean, how else could they just make the game suit a minifigure without the licensing? After the spiderman comic con exclusive, I guess this could be the case. If so, I'm excited for the future of this theme!
  3. Welp. There go our chances.
  4. That's true, but just this year clayface, molten man, and the giant stone warrior in ninjago are not on the minifig list on the fronts of their boxes. Eh, maybe I'm just trying to get my hopes up for no reason.
  5. Just realized something... What if one of the two avengers sets has a brickbuilt MODOK? Like, if for the face it used they piece used for Giantman's head? It wouldn't count as a minifigure, so it wouldn't be on the list, and we have gotten both $20 dollar sets with 4 characters and $40 dollar sets with 5. Besides, what would be the point of just having AIM troopers by themselves? Then again, I feel like expecting anything beyond what we've been told isn't the best idea. But a man can dream...
  6. I'm actually excited for the avengers sets, but the spider man sets are super disappointing. Venom, doc ock and vulture again? I'm only looking forward to the mysterio set, just because I haven't gotten any the far from home sets. Honestly, I hope the next spider man has something new, but I don't know if I should expect anything
  7. NetherCreeper


    Well, here’s how I see it. the head had 1. An eyepatch and 2. scruffy facial hair it reminds me of this face now that I think about it: biggest problem though, the patch had three straps, but I don’t know if that means much.
  8. NetherCreeper


    Wait, if the head is from the Pirate Bay... That means this set is coming soon! Early 2020 here we come!
  9. I have a feeling the mech sets are comic based, but that the other two are endgame sets, mostly because one standalone set would be weird, and also because I think the mech sets are a different thing all together from the other three.
  10. But, if you read the statement lego released, they listed a few exceptions, one being comic-con exclusives (listed as "special events"). There is, however, no exception given to minifigures, and the statement goes to all products, which can be seen as a broader term than just sets. I put the link to the brickset article a few pages ago, but I feel like I should put it here again for context: I think the idea of this being a watermark is plausible, like how old maps featured non existent cities in order to spot counterfeit/stolen maps, but really, who knows? I just hope Lego doesn't go back on their words so quickly...
  11. Here's the Brickset article on that: Yeah, country exclusive minifigures seem to go against that..
  12. I Just realized that all three mech sets, including the spider man one, have almost the same amount of pieces. I think this is a new sub-theme of small comic sets like the mighty micros were, which also means thanos is probably a minifig and not a bigfig.
  13. NetherCreeper

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Something really interesting I noticed, the Riddler copter in the set is the same build as the Joker copter in DC super villains. I wonder if the set was originally going to come withe the joker instead... Also, these new parts are super interesting, especially some of the ones in the bat cave. All sorts of saws, bar connectors, but they are only in that set. Weird.
  14. That’s why when I get my bricktober pack (on its way now!) I’ll be using some Nexo Knights armor piece. I think a recolor of any of those pieces in black/trans-red (or in this case just white) would look great! Sadly, no such piece exists, so I guess whatever I’ve got will do.
  15. Well, they’ve tried that with The Last Jedi... Did it work? No, but I think Disney is capable of trying it again.