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  1. NetherCreeper

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    But remember, this came out in April this year: Wouldn't be surprised if it's another one of these. Even the piece counts sort of match.
  2. NetherCreeper

    Nexo Knights Axl's Torso disassembly

    You are right, it is indeed an assembly of two parts. However, they are glued together, so there isn't really a non-destructive way of separating them that I've ever seen. As for the print on the torso, I wouldn't expect there to be much more than what we can already see, so I'm afraid you might be out of luck. It would be interesting to see it deconstructed though, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone has done so. If anyone else knows, feel free to share it here!
  3. NetherCreeper

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    True, I had forgotten about those. I feel the mighty micros is kind of different though, that was Lego's stylistic choice. And I still stand by that the show's style matches Lego's style enough that they don't need to do anything weird to look accurate.
  4. NetherCreeper

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Completely unrelated, but I stumbled onto this new combo pack sold at Sam's Club, and there's the three they're selling at Lego shop at home as well. Isn't it wierd that we're getting so many of these for the theme? And does it say anything about the success of the line as a whole?
  5. NetherCreeper

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I mean, we do know that they only cover the 1st half of the year, and if the second wave comes out in the summer, then these can't be them. To those doubting the second wave could be so late, the Hulk Helicopter Drop set (the one with rescue and nano gauntlet) came out in November of 2019, months after Endgame came out in April. It's definitely possible that we see these in June, heck, maybe even July or August.
  6. NetherCreeper

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Eh, it could be a similar situation to Thanos this year. A big fig in one set, minifig in another. (Besides, if any set could pull off 2 big figs for $20, it would be a 4+ one, but I'm probably just hoping too much lol) Also, I haven't really seen it here, but I've seen people worry the figs will be stylized like the old clone wars ones... not only did Lego stop doing that, but the style of this show lines up decently well with Lego's design style anyways, so I think we're good.
  7. NetherCreeper

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm not sure how excited I am for the film itself (I think it may be too cramped with all those villains, all three spider-men, plus the peter identity reveal plot for one film), but man, that second wave of sets better be good! Hopefully another one of the sets will come with Strange, either cheaper or a more interesting build/figure selection. I'm also excited to maybe finally add lizard and electro to my spidey villain roster, especially if we get classic versions of these in the near future like we have for other mcu spider-man villains. Then again, having a film sinister 6 roster would be dope too.... Lego better deliver on this!
  8. NetherCreeper

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Dang, these new sets are pretty good! The Reznor knockdown stands out the most to me of the three that were revealed, but the other too look good too. Lakitu's sky world looked too busy at first glance, but now that I've made sense of it, I like the function and how it looks. The boss sumo bro tower topple is pretty cool too, but I hope the model is stable enough to not topple over completely, especially at the connection point between the two tower pieces. The boss sumo bro looks fantastic though, and I love the use of the technic pieces so that he can peat his chest, but also to capture the look of the towels he has on his shoulders in the game! I like the inclusion of the blue toad in the Reznor knockdown, and the entire mechanism is very clever, and how you can interact with the various parts of the wheel/carriages. However, given how you need to rotate it with a character and also interact with it at different spots as well, I wonder if it's a hassle to do with only one character. Same issue with Lakitu's sky world, if you only have one character, a grand chunk of the build is superfluous, and while I guess you can crank the could spinner by hand, the spot for a character to stand next to Lakitu doesn't really work as well solo as it does in 2 player. In that sense, the topple tower handles it the best, in that there's space for 2 to work the function, but it's still convenient for 1. However, the more we learn, the more and more impressed I am with Bowser's airship! A character can pilot the ship, and you can aim the cannon before firing it and it'll make the cannon sounds from 64! The ship has 3 separate tags you can hit to 'destroy' the entire ship, so the ship itself is like a boss! It's such an impressive set, both for play and display. I also love that it's so compact when folded up, especially since I'm moving out soon into a smaller space. This is the best video I've found showing all of the set's features, though it is in Spanish: (it's in the spoiler bar) Also, seeing more of Mario and Luigi interact together, it's cool! The whole 'in-sync' part of it seems odd to me, since it's never really been a thing in the games, but I guess it works to foster a sense of team work. I like the back and forth on the bosses better, and the 2 player functionality built into the sets looks fun too. Another interaction I love is they ask each other if they're okay when they fall over or take damage, very wholesome. I can't wait to get this in august when it comes out!
  9. NetherCreeper

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ah, ok! Now that I think about it, I do remember there being a large hand in the opening cutscenes of those games. Huh. I'd Love a goomba stack! Maybe it could be handled like the pokey? On another note, I was wondering if the ship could be used as a storage place for extra mario parts/enemies while it's closed. It definitely looks like it has plenty of room inside, but how much of that is taken up by the hand? If there's storage room inside, then it's an even better set!
  10. NetherCreeper

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The airship looks great! I like how it can open up, it kind of captures the more blocky look of the mario 3 airships like that. The black starter pipe/cannon is interesting, and it seems to give 90 seconds instead of 60, but I don't see why this set warrants the extra time. I want to see what the play feature that involves the hand is, since the box shows there's a barcode on the palm of the hand, and the technic mechanism attached to it. Also, the image with both mario and luigi being used at the same time implies some 2 player functionality, though it is interesting to see how all the boxes, packaging, and promotional images still mainly use mario, and only acknowledge luigi's existence. As one final comment, I like the goomba hat, and I actually kind of hope they make more silly goomba hats in the future. I can't wait to see the rest of the wave!
  11. NetherCreeper

    Monkie Kid TV Show Thread

    Having caught up with all of season 2, I'm really liking where the show is at. It does a much better job of balancing the episodic and continuous elements of the series better than Nexo Knights did, and the more serious and sinister tone we catch glimpses of near the end has me interested in where this will be going in the future. The pacing still feels slightly off, I feel like some things need more explanation or time than they are given, but it works well enough, and I understand most of that comes to an 11 minute runtime.
  12. NetherCreeper

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    Let's go! It's interesting to see that it's all mechs so far, but I'm happy! Pigsy's mech tank looks fun, with the soup bowl body and food based weaponry (like the carrot rocket!), but I'm not really that interested honestly. That sandy mech, however, count me in! I knew monkie kid would be the first theme to make a big fig vehicle that actually encloses the big fig, and making it a mech makes it even better! I love the fist punching feature and the large version of his weapon looks great. That's a must buy for me! The white bone demon mech looks stunning too, really creepy and I love the amount of glow in the dark. The minions look awesome, and it's interesting to note that the marvel mech template is being used outside of Marvel for monkie kid's mech here. I love that mech design, so I wonder where we will see it next... Also, the guy who found them posted euro prices for the Sandy and Pigsy set. Sandy's is 44.99€, same as the demon bull tank last year. Pigsy's is 49.99€, same as last year's cloud jet. If that's the actual price for these, then I'm happy! Edit: looking further at Sandy's mech, Mo has sunglasses and a good chain necklace on, hilarious!
  13. NetherCreeper

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Love how Lego made such a big deal out of revealing them this late just so they could post them on Shop at Home with no fanfare or anything. Like, seriously, what was the point of waiting this long if there wasn't going to be a press release or a major reveal?
  14. NetherCreeper

    Custom Avengers Endgame Compound

    Like I said in the Marvel topic, this looks amazing! The instructions do have some issues, however, with some sub builds (like the walkway) not actually being assembled and just placed there, and with some floating or impossible to place parts at certain points (like how an entire wall is build missing a brick, with the brick being added in a later step, requiring disassembly of the wall) but I don't know how you would fix those things, since these seem to be generated by some program. Once I get the final battle set, I'll definitely try to put this together!
  15. NetherCreeper

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    If they weren't in this order, then I would say so, but it does match the flag exactly, and the name Everyone is Awesome definitely makes it seem like its about pride month to me. This set is genius, it combines a niche AFOL community's dream with a positive message, and just in time for June. I think it's cool, and as far as I remember, this is the boldest statement Lego has made on the topic so far, but I do hope they do more than just release a set. Make a donation or participate in an event, or anything more than just try to get people to buy stuff. That'll help make the point stronger and not just a marketing ploy.