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  1. Snoogydoogy

    Decal Wish List

    Hi I have tried for hours using the excellent illustrator tutorial but have absolutely no talent, so if anybody fancies a project or knows if somebody does them but my littly boy would love minifigs of sportacus stephanie and robbie rotten from lazy town
  2. Great tutorial thanks, but should the lighter green coloured part be blank as ideally the torso would be that colour green
  3. Snoogydoogy

    Minifig blank parts

    Thanks for the fast reply, i looked there but as you say there is quite a bit of searching and they want around 50p to a quid for just a torso, the lego shop sells 3 complete minifigs for a fiver. There must be a wholesaler that the larger custom makers get parts from
  4. Hi Does anyone know where i can buy blank minifig parts wholesale, enough for 100 minifigs to start. There has to be a better way than going to the local lego shop and doing the make your own thing, ideally with more choice of styles and colours. Thanks