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  1. emielroumen

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Not really. The deviation is not that big, and has been discussed in detail in the 8043 thread and if I recall correctly also in the context of 42009.
  2. emielroumen

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Did Lego designers make the same 'error' as for instance with the 8043? If I remember correctly, the LAs are supposed to be driven with the cogwheels on the same side. Doesn't look hard to fix though, although the solution will not result in a symmetrical left and right part.
  3. Very nice! I hope I can get my hands on the set below 300 euro this year. This mod is a must have.
  4. Thanks for the answer @Leonardo da Bricki. I don't completely agree, it is not just an easy adjustment. As @Didumos69 pointed out, travel of these springs is not comparable.
  5. A while back I raised in a post the large hard shock absorbers price. Now that this beast is almost done..@Didumos69: would it be easy to make a few modifications in order to use the short hard absorbers?
  6. Nice renders! Might get the parts together to build the sbrick version again with these changes.
  7. I did build the version without suspension and would be interested to see how your outriggers look in the finished model. Can you post pictures or make some renders?
  8. The exterior looks excellent. Only remark is the positioning of the sbrick in the interior, can you hide it?
  9. Looks great! I would happily purchase the tires to build this one :) Hard shocks are still a shock to me, the prices are at least.
  10. emielroumen

    [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    The engine looks out of place all the way against the cabin. A bit further to the front without enlarging the front further would look better, at least that is my opinion. So: sacrifice the pushrod suspension.
  11. Thanks! I tried the A model last week and I'm ready to give your MOC a go soon.
  12. Excellent! Happy to pay a small fee for proper build instructions by the way.
  13. Wow. Very good looking in this color scheme. All the details are incredible.