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  1. do you have instructions for this?
  2. sorry been very busy with work and I am way behind on lots of projects at the moment. you were correct about the soldering, very difficult but worth it. do you have any diagram as to what lights link etc.?
  3. zoomatomic

    Lego Tron Light Cycle

    This is my interpretation of a Lego Tron Light Cycle. I have tried to keep the part count low using about 50 pieces for the bike. One of the main parts of my concept was to integrate the rider into the bike, which I believe I achieved pretty well. I welcome any comments or suggestions and I hope you enjoy You can find more pics here https://flic.kr/s/aHskptamhH Or if you would like to support: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/128054
  4. Hi M600 I now have all items, going to start soldering LED's in next couple of weeks (busy with work) . Do you have a drawing of wiring, which leds are joined etc? Thanks
  5. Hi M600 What type of reed sensor and magnet are you using? Still waiting for several China deliveries :)
  6. zoomatomic

    Elmo MOC

    Seriously?? So I can't compliment a build I have just found??
  7. Just have the breadboard at the moment, always look forward to a challenge
  8. zoomatomic

    Elmo MOC

    love it, especially the eyes and nose. great job
  9. zoomatomic

    Boo Bitchcraft

    Great piece of work! Still trying to figure out some of the parts
  10. Received first component from China.
  11. First part has arrived. https://goo.gl/photos/igwDvHh3fsfmKEuw7
  12. Just have to wait for the kit to be delivered now. Thanks
  13. I have all the components now ordered, few questions. 1. What charger do you use for the battery? 2. Is a glue gun necessary or would gorilla glue suffice? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the list, I will start hunting now