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  1. Vachon777

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I want to like this line, but almost looks like they threw some random ideas into a pot and this is what stirred up. I was hoping for something closer to Masters of the Universe or the Visionaries. This is nowhere near either one *and* even lacks the cool Anthro quality I liked about Chima.
  2. Vachon777

    X-1a Patrol Craft

    Man, I loved this set so much as a kid. You've definitely done it justice, awesome work!
  3. Found them at a couple walgreens in Kansas today. Cleaned them both out, kinda disappointed one of my tiger-lady's had two leg pieces and no hair. Anyway, I wound up with Pirate X3 Fly X2 Bigfoot X2 Tigerlady X2 Spiderlady and Skeleton Not a single werewolf or Frankie :(