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  1. dzidek1983

    Austrian Army during Napoleonic wars

    I'm also trying to do a similar project with other nationality of the troops, but i am sceptical about using custom printings. I use only normal Lego torsos. I don't think using printings is realy that bad, but in my opinion it goes more towards custom modeling then Lego building.
  2. dzidek1983

    Chronicles of dirt-poor farmer of- dirt.

    Mary had a litle lamb... fits perfectly :D
  3. dzidek1983

    Nexo Knights 2016

    The Ultimate Beast Master and The Robo Horse are the bottom of the Sales in Poland i always can find one discounted. Beast Masters Charriot also seems to go slower then oter sets (which is strange imho).
  4. dzidek1983

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Make a proper Castle :P
  5. dzidek1983

    [MOC ]Giant Attack!

    That wizard is a joke... petrify him already fool....
  6. dzidek1983

    Shimmering Falls of The Vale

    I like the waterfall with the net and the rocks near it that turn nicely.
  7. dzidek1983

    Nexo Knights wishlists

    More structures, less vehicles...
  8. dzidek1983

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    I don't think we wil lsee any new LOTR or HOBBIT sets. The LOTR movies are now prehistory and HOBBIT had the last one in 2014. There are no advertising actions about these products currently. Lego always goes with the market opportunities (like the Angry Birds movie) and there are none currently with these series.
  9. dzidek1983

    Nordheim Paddock

    I love it.. it's just so clean, the white snow builds are excellent if you manage to make a good photo and this one is great...
  10. dzidek1983

    Cliff Fortress

    Man i need more LBG bricks :D
  11. dzidek1983

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I'm buying Nexo for the monsters really, the Knights are really mediocre in my opinnion when it comes to figures and sets. Only the Mech set is great imho and i have it on my desk.
  12. dzidek1983

    Ainesford 'Red Elm' Market Place

    Damn!! it's gonna be tough to beat that...
  13. dzidek1983

    Cliff Fortress

    If you dont use the green baseplates in the rear for building then i suggest to remove them. The build will look better with less huge unused spaces.