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  1. Natural_born_user

    New world tallest LEGO crane finished - 10m tall LEGO model

    Thanks! It doesnt exist in reality, you have right. It only construction similar to various cranes with Liebherr stickers. Counterweights dont hurt tracks. Everything works perfectly. I have new movie with crane in action but now not in maximum 10m tall config but generally lifting tests. I will do it in new bigger crane :) Dawid Szmandra's crane is fantastic and is previous tallest crane in the world reaching 7,3m. But this my new crane can lift much more. What you can see on my new movie with my crane. And t shirts :) Testing maximum weight possible to lift and other functions:
  2. Natural_born_user

    Technic Hall of Fame Discussion

    Probably new world tallest LEGO crane, 10m construction:
  3. Is it possible? Yes of course. After all, you can build anything from LEGO bricks. A crane model made of LEGO bricks with a height of more than 10 meters should not be a problem. And it does not. But let's start from the beginning. The works manager arrived at the construction site and gave an order to start the works. And that's where it started. In fact, it started 5 years earlier, when my model of a large crawler crane reached 7 meters, described on eurobricks here: The experience gained during the construction of that model was used now in the construction of another, larger and much higher crane model. The construction target this time was at a minimum height of 10 meters, which, if successful, would make this structure my new tallest model crane in the world. The construction took about two years intermittently with many modifications along the way, especially in the area of winders and the main arm structure. The crane is made entirely of Lego bricks with no metal improvements and with no using glue. The exception are the lines and the load on the counterweight. The improvements that needed to be made compared to the previous seven-meter model were, above all, reducing the flexibility of the main arm structure, increasing the possibility of winders lifting the lower and upper section, extending the rear arm and increasing the load on the counterweights. For transport, the crane was disassembled into 13 elements, some over two meters long: As for the counterweights, I increased the load to 35 kg compared to the previous model. The counterweights are located on a tracked, remote-controlled chassis that allows the model to rotate. And here is the new reinforced main arm structure, when tested in tight conditions: and already in the right place: The lower section of the main arm is less than 5m long, which, combined with the height of its installation in the crane, makes the lower section itself reach a height of over 5m. Construction continued. Installation of the upper section with a length of just over 5m. And its trial straightening with a winder. The final result. Some technical data: Maximum height of the main arm: 10m Rear arm height: 1.8m Load in the area of counterweights on a tracked chassis: 35 kg Crane weight excluding counterweights: approx. 24 kg Arm lifting winder drive: 2x XL reduction 24: 1 Drive of the winder straightening the upper arm section: 2x XL reduction 24: 1 Hook winder drive: 1x XL 5: 1 reduction Platform drive under counterweights: 2x XL reduction 64: 1 Youtube: And links: My website (polish) Flickr gallery Main polish LEGO forum
  4. Natural_born_user

    Liebherr LR11000 probably the world's tallest crawler crane

    Very nice crane and good lifting capacity I see. I think that this crane may be improved and its arm could by longer and crane could be taller than 3m :)
  5. Natural_born_user

    Liebherr LR11000 probably the world's tallest crawler crane

    Thank you for all the answers, I will try to answer all your questions. krisandkris12 - in time of setting crane to a maximum height crane stands on additional supports as shown in the pictures. Perhaps they are unnecessary but is a lottery and not knowing which one is the weakest link in the chain. Of course, without the support crane is able to ride - When I will have more time I will make videos showing the crane functions including driving on tracks. Of course, with shorter arm. BusterHaus - have not tested how much the crane lift because my goal was to build the highest structure that can support its own weight. When I will change a vehicle to the size of my room certainly I will check how much arm can raise. It is certainly worth noting that the arm with a length of 505cm is able to maintain itself in a horizontal position. higgins91 - The crane was transported in parts, arm split into fragments of approximately meter. The arm is at once designed so that it can be easily decompose. The base is on board with the dimensions 120x60cm rally comes on the back seat of the car. dr_spock - upper section does not have to be strong, but still flabby construction and so weighs more than I expected because more than 1kg. RohanBeckett - Also I was not sure at the beginning if such a structure of arm is strong enough. I took a chance and paid off. Milan - Exactly. The aim was height and not the possibility of raising. One contradicts the other. But looking at the possibility of for example Liebherr LR 13000 Im not sure :) Captainowie - All main arm is standing on one axle 32s :)
  6. Natural_born_user

    Liebherr LR11000 probably the world's tallest crawler crane

    It took about five months maybe half a year. Setting the vertical took about 4 hours
  7. Hello everybody, Im a new member on eurobricks and I want to share with you my new lego construction. Probably I finished building the world's tallest crawler crane model with LEGO. The model has already been described by me on my Polish website: This is a representation of Liebherr LR 11000 and measures 700cm height: The model is my biggest and heaviest construction. Is higher than my previous model of the crane by 4 meters, was built entirely of original LEGO - except for the line and load within counterweights. Number of blocks estimate at 15,000, and the weight of the vehicle including counterweights was about 45kg (the weight of the model without counterweights this 22kg). The construction lasted 5 months. The model is a representation of the crane Liebherr LR 11000, but the proportions of some dimensions have not been preserved - especially I mean the widened portion rotational located directly on the turntable and this was associated with one of my assumptions about the construction of a specially extended arm and over the turntable. It is of course free standing construction. The model was not a collective work, but in order not to expose themselves to voices of opposition on this issue can not ignore people who helped me build: Invaluable help my brother, without which setting the vertical structure would not be possible: At the beginning of the few technical data model: height - 700cm tracked chassis length - 78s the length of the turret - 120s overall length of the vehicle (not including arms or counterweights) - 167s the width of a tracked undercarriage - 66s weight - 22kg (weight of counterweights - 45kg) Track drive - 2x XL motor with a reduction 1:40 the rotation of the tower - 2x XL engine driving a cart with counterweights (function absent when folding to a maximum of the rest of the functions of the crane (3 winder) - 6x motor XL two on rewinder (2 XLe to lift the whole arm, 2 XLe to straighten the second section of the arm, 1 XL - winder hook, 1 XL - extra winder for lifting the main arm) number of cells Track - 210 estimated target number of pieces - 15000 the estimated length of the rope - 100m Control electronics - 2x tower IR The only not lego elements are the line and load in counterweights. As soon as we found the right place to spread vertically crane sat down to prepare it for transportation in short it split up into fragments exceeding 120cm in length and repackage most of them in black foil, which stiffened the long parcels for transport to the hall offering 7.5 - 8 meters distance between the floor and ceiling. Each item has been checked against damage during transport, which could go unnoticed then lead to the weakening and destruction of the whole structure. Then he began to lasting a few hours of the submission process model with ten elements, which has been divided for transport. About 355cm: And 505cm: About 700cm: After turning the main winders driven by two motors XL by a significant ratio of the winding rope hoists running through heavy arm began to rise until it reached almost vertical. Then the second winder finished the whole process and final two-meter section of the arm was in final position: The structure is stable. At the time of publishing this article crane stands in the maximum configuration for five days to move the arms using machines is possible. When designing the construction arm of my goal was to minimize its weight which resulted in probably slightly on weakening capacity of the structure but with a substantial reduction in total weight allowed for a high altitude. The construction of most elements of the arm is as follows: Elements of a length of 105cm weigh about one kilogram each. On the other hand, the lowest situated part of the main arm weighs about 1.5 kg and is characterized by a more solid construction: Finally, a few images of a tracked chassis. And for more pictures and more information about this MOC you can visit my website.