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  1. Thank you Google Translate.. now i understand much more πŸ˜‰ No there are no instructions for my models at all. I have made up my mind a long time ago, not to do any. Two major reasons. 1. Limited time. The vast sparetime i have when not running my farm, I rather use for new MOCs, instead of making instructions. 2. I would be very sad and annoyed if my models would suddenly appear on unspeakable chinese counterfeit internet pages. So I prefer having them unique this way. πŸ˜‰
  2. Thanks. I will try and post some more in the future πŸ™‚
  3. Thank You. No there are not any instructions available.
  4. Thats correct, or for fertilizer, or Bio products for organic crop production. I havent made a proper video yet, and its also because of the software issue i mentioned. it will come as soon as that is solved. And regarding the bending I agree.. but thats the best i could manage for now, Reinforced the links and joints as much as possible because thats where the bending appears. Its taken to the limit, but as so many times before gravity is a bitch when it comes to this
  5. I here by present to you the Amazone UX 11201 Trailer Sprayer. I was finished last summer with it, but haven't had time to present it here yet. It's in scale 1:16, so it fits my tractors. The spray boom is over 2 meter wide unfolded, IRL 36 meter. The tank contains 11.200 liters IRL, but here it contains a battery box, a Sbrick, a Sbrick Plus, 2 L motors, and a servo. On the Spray boom there are 2 L motors, and 2 M motors to fold and unfold the boom. The servo tilts the boom, so that the boom follows the contour of the ground/ crop it sprays. For that, there is also two Distance sensors fitted on each side of the boom, connected to the Sbrick Plus. The Software is not quite programmed yet, but i hope with some help from my good friend Martin Nygaard Schacht, we will manage to do a program in the upcoming Sbrick Pro. It also has steering axles, that follows the angle with the tractor, and there by follows the track of the tractor. The idea is lend from Lorens Christian Meyer, and modded for this purpose. It has a light system, with 72 pico LEDs on the spray boom, one for each nozzle. See more pics : ttps:// I hope you enjoy Farmer Clausens Agritechnic
  6. Search for Lorens Christian Meyers BIG BUD on FB, He has a solution for the big tires.
  7. I did see the rims you used on your Xerion. I just use the Power Puller rims for this Tractor. But with a rubber gasket for plumbing pipes, that fits on regular rims 56 x 34 mm, you can fit the tires on those rims. But the rims 62,3 X 43 mm from the Porsche/Bugatti/ Lamborghini fits even better, but the designs and colors might not fit as well ;-) This is the rim i use on the New Holland. The Rubber gasket fits in the gap on the rims. Allthough the rims aren't that wide, its manageable to get the tires to fit on with the gaskets.
  8. Thanks a lot. :-) well its not a lock, It's just to turn the PTO on and off, and thats done manually. I might change it though, so that the PTO gets it own motor.. but space is limited.. These tires are great for 1:16 builds. Regarding Tires I had hoped that the next tractor tires had been in a size so that they could have been used as frontwheels with the Claas tires, but the new tires on the Jeep, is just way too small... Thanks again
  9. Allthough it has been a while since i finished this model, i thought i would share it with you guys. The reason is that i finally got time to make a video of it. Its my second Tractor, based on my previous New Holland T8 Tractor from 2014. I hope you will enjoy the video. The New Holland T7.315, next to his Big Brother New Holland T8.435 Farmer Clausen AgriTechnic
  10. If you place the turning point of the valve so that it is aligned with the servo axle, and use an Sbrick as controller. you can adjust the turning of the servo in the Profile designer to approximately 40 degrees, instead of 90 degrees, so that you avoid to overload the servo.
  11. BondemandClausen

    Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    Returned from Agritechnica, a Danish agricultural machinery magazine made this video interview with me. It is in Danish, so take it as a teaser for the official video that will come as soon as possible.
  12. BondemandClausen

    Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    NEWS of 12-11-2017: I have been invited by Ropa Maschinenbau, to join them at Agritechnica in Hannover Germany with my Ropa Maus 5, and my Ropa EuroTiger 4 XL, the coming Thursday and Friday the 16-17. in Hall 25, Stand G14. Come and have a look if you plan to visit this exhibition.
  13. BondemandClausen

    Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    It really does... ... here are the 10 controlling the servos.. Your wish is my command... Raffle Master Jim ... i have now linked to freshly downsized and uploaded pics on Bricksafe. I hope i have got it right now... they should all be 1024 X 576 now.
  14. BondemandClausen

    Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    Thanks Jim. That would be an honor!!! ? Well the maximum size you can upload is only 0,05 MB, and that is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar to small if you want a good look. I know it is because of the server capacity, so instead I have linked to brickshelf, where there is no limit, as far as I know. I know nothing about how it has been embedded to 1024 pixels, I guess it happens when you link to another page, I certainly didn't do anything in that matter. But I can resize a picture and send it to you by email if you want. How does that sound? ☺️