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  1. Even though it's new, I would like to have 42042. For me, it comes with a lot of parts I need and parts that I don't have enough of.
  2. I'm thinking it is the dark grey plastic quality that is the problem. I have two dark grey 1x3 cross blocks (4173970) that have the axle hole off a bit.
  3. kb7

    [MOC] Mini Trophy Truck

    I don't think you need to change the gearing. With more weight on the rear, the tires will have more traction. Then again, more weight equals less speed.
  4. kb7

    [MOC] Rock Beetle 4x4

    I'm surprised how well it performs with a differential.
  5. kb7

    [TC10] Tracked Carrier

    An lpe to drive the tracks would be nice. I would probably use small cylinders.
  6. kb7

    [WIP] Megacar

    Door mechanism looks interesting.
  7. When I saw the first picture of the gearbox I thought the 3L axle pins were purple!
  8. Awesome! But which one will you be basing it off of mostly. If its a C model I would go for tracks. It also looks better in my opinion.
  9. This should be an official Lego set!
  10. kb7

    Effe's MOC Corner

    If only I had one more outrigger...
  11. kb7

    Balloon Burst Machine

    That giant gear could definitely be useful for other things as well.
  12. kb7

    Driving LPE with Lego compressor?

    You could try to minimize friction by modifying the cylinders and making it switch less. That way it might be more efficient.
  13. Thanks for getting back so quick and for the advice.