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  1. I'll try but I have no guarantees, because "enough time" is different of "free time". Anyway, rules are rules and timing is the same for everybody. Thanks for your answer.
  2. I just finished a crawler crane 2 weeks ago, not presented yet in other place than my personnal facebook profile picture, can I use it for the contest ?
  3. Just finished to build it : awesome moc, free professional instructions, and amazing building time ; I have no other word to describe it ! I'm a bit disappointed by two points : the car can't drive on the 3 and 4 speeds, even if I use the rechargeable battery instead of the big battery box, I think the car is too heavy :/ ; the second one is for the front lights which aren't as realistic as we can expect, but it's just to find bad points ;) I will go with it in exhibitions, I hope people will love it like I love it :)
  4. 27 : 10 02 : 6 05 : 4 12 : 3 14 : 2 22 : 1
  5. Hi ! I just saw this topic (I have few time to explore all Lego technic forums), thanks for sharing :) Indeed it's a #41999 body on the RC unit (from supersonic RC #8366). I don't made building instructions bcause I haven't time, maybe later. More pictures : PS : after the crash, I didn't loose any part :)
  6. Cypr-21

    Cypr-21's workshop

    I think all people who don't live in a cave saw my reproduction of the mini backhoe from 1H2013 :) I built the 3D file with SR3D Builder, and I posted it on Rebrickable. And here is the video :
  7. Cypr-21

    Cypr-21's workshop

    Hi, I'm back after holidays, and I'll present you my new MOC, a wheel loader with power function. It's full controlled by power functions, with one XL motor to drive (AWD), one M motor to control the steering system (with 2 LA), one M motor to lift the arm and another M motor to tilt the bucket. I spent a long time to build a 'clean' MOC, because I wanted hide all wires and PF elements into the loader. Here is a video to show how it works.
  8. Cypr-21

    2h 2012 models

    I just reposted the pictures. They came from SeTechnic, posted by Tony_st170, here. But I've no idea where he found it :/
  9. Cypr-21

    2h 2012 models

    Want new pictures ? And the B-models :
  10. Cypr-21

    Cypr-21's workshop

    Thanks ! @Paul : I wrote a small article about the Vampire GT on my blog : and I'll write another in french. I planned to bring it at "Fanabriques" exhibition, the last week end of June.
  11. Cypr-21

    Cypr-21's workshop

    Hi ! I recently made this crawler to Fanabriques 2012 Trial Truck contest. It uses somes parts for trial truck from the Unimog set like springs, towball, and portal hubs. I made the instructions and you can download it here
  12. The studfull / studless / power function combination looks very strange But the experiment is usefull if you improve it to build a fabulous MOC
  13. I would have voted if the votes were secret. Nevertheless it is the principle of a vote ...
  14. It's so pointless... Where is Eurobricks' moderation team ? Or does it's looooove excessive flood ?