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  1. [MOC] The foolish samurai warrior

    Thank you! :-) The Jack's face is from the hockey player minifig (series 4).
  2. Some ideas for CMFs

    I really appreciate your work. :-) Can you make a cinema goer minifig (with 3D glasses on his face, a ticket, and a bag of popcorn)?
  3. Hi Whitefang, Can you, please, take a photo of lego dimension Dalek (Doctor Who) with the mixer piece (from Chef minifigure from this series) as his blaster? I want to buy Chef just to improve my Dalek and I wonder if it looks good. :-) Thank you in advance!
  4. I built some characters from a widely known cartoon called "Samurai Jack". :-D This weekend, the final episode aires. Are you excited? Here is Aku. It was a pleasure to build him, because so many pieces turned out to be perfect for this build and I'm pretty satisfied with the result. New (2017) variant of Jack next to the old, classic one: What do you think? Do you you like the cartoon? Always open for constructive criticism. ;-)
  5. BRICKOVERY -Lego Transformer

    Cześć! (in English: Hello!) I live in Poland. I am keen on transformers and Lego so I connected my hobbies. I build Lego Transformers. I want you to check my YT channel: BRICKOVERY. There are lots of interesting MOCs (My Own Creations) like: G1 Grimlock, Shockwave, Caricature Optimus and more. I would be grateful for your comments, suggestions and subscriptions. ;)