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  1. wylan_1994

    MOC: Arctic Supply car

    Great build! I also do stuff like this sometimes.
  2. The GG-1's are beautiful trains. Very nice job!
  3. wylan_1994

    BR 14-031

    Marvelous train! I can never make good steam engines. I've put in hours of my time designing them but i never can come up with something good.
  4. wylan_1994

    MOC Pioneer Zephyr

    I love this train! Very nice build! This is probably the train that made me love trains. Whenever I would go to the Museum of Science and Industry, I would look at it for 10 to 20 minutes and I would go about once a week. They even gave out free tours of the train. I greatly recomend going to check it out if you ever go to Chicago.
  5. Very nice build! How big is the train in length? It's hard to tell from the pictures.
  6. wylan_1994

    My Microscale MOC Collection

    Great trains trains and details! I have been wondering if i should make a microscale city now for a long time.
  7. wylan_1994

    Can you build 7760 out of 60052?

    Like the idea! I might need to try something like that in the future.