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  1. I think perhaps that's an error in my diagram. I understood the meaning originally, I should have identified each of the FL, FR, RL, RR symbols as a cluster of LEDs, rather than as an individual LED symbol.
  2. Hey M600, hope you're getting the notifications now... Everything's arrived, so I'm starting to gear up to make this. I've started doing a circuit diagram for my own clarity, as I've never worked with an arduino before, so want to get everything right first time... I came up with a few questions: - The LiPo +, I assume goes to VCC, unless it's considered unregulated, then does it go to RAW? - Terminals 2-9 are supposedly Digital, whereas 10-13 are Analogue... Does this mean that 10-13 should be returned to the GND that the LiPo is connected to, or do they all go to GND on the digital side? - Does the FTDI require soldering in to program the Arduino, or can the contacts be loose? maybe should solder in a female header? - Your roof is attached by a single wire... is this just a braid of wires (5-11,GND)? - I assume the Delays in your Startup sequence can be reduced, or is this any kind of requirement on the Arduino? - Is there any way to program in a check of the input voltage, so as to warn (or flash an error code) if the LiPo charge is low? - Any recommendations on software to use to connect via the FTDI (I'm on a Mac) Thanks for all your help! Adam
  3. Hey M600, parts are starting to arrive... had to wait until after the Chinese New Year for delivery... Are you still able to offer assistance with the arduino code, and circuit instructions, please?
  4. Hi M600, I've just ordered all the components... very surprised at how cheaply I can get them. Can I just ask... don't we need resistors for the LEDs? or is the resistance handled by the Arduino? Cheers, Adam
  5. Hey M600... I love this! C'est super! I've been trying to find something like this for ages, but never been able to find a decent rotating beacon (or at least LEDs that can mimic it) Any chance you'd consider selling kits to make it? I'm fairly good at soldering, the only thing I'd struggle at is programming the arduino board? Looking forward to hearing back from you, Cordiallement, Adam